10 Lines About Computer in English

10 Lines About Computer in English, few lines about computer in english, few sentences about computer in english.

  1. Computer is an electronic device that connects us with people around the world.
  2. The word ‘computer’ is derived from the Latin word ‘Computare’ which means calculation.
  3. Computers were invented to solve programs and perform calculations.
  4. With the development of technology, computers have evolved to solve other programs.
  5. A computer consists of a monitor, mouse, CPU and a keyboard. The computer takes information as input, processes the data and gives new information as output.
  6. Computers are used for various purposes. It is used to create software, documents, invoices, lists etc.
  7. Computers are also used for playing games, listening to music, accessing the Internet, watching movies, and solving programs and calculations.
  8. There are three basic types of computers- hybrid computers, analog computers and digital computers.
  9. Computers are used in various fields like medical fields, educational fields, research etc.
  10. Computers can perform powerful tasks and hence have reduced our efforts and made our lives easier.

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