10 Lines About Dussehra in Odia Language

10 Lines About Dussehra in Odia, 10 lines on dussehra in odia, 10 lines about durga puja in odia, 10 lines on durga puja in odia. Dussehra is a major Hindu festival which is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil. According to the Puranas and stories, when Ravana kidnapped Sita, then Lord Rama killed Ravana in Lanka by fighting him and freed the earth from his sin and oppression. This day is known as Dussehra and celebrates the victory of truth by burning an effigy of Ravana on this day every year in the memory of Lord Shri Ram.

10 Lines About Dussehra in Odia

  1. Dashara is one of the major Hindu festivals.
  2. This festival is celebrated with great pomp in Odisha, West Bengal.
  3. In this festival, Mata Durga is worshiped along with Bhavya Adamba.
  4. The festival begins on the side of Ashin month Shukla.
  5. The period from Pratipada to Niva is called Navratri. And the 10th day of the puja is called Dechami or Vijaya Dechami.
  6. On the 8th day, sambhaya puja and sacrifices are offered.
  7. On the ninth day, worship is performed at Khubb Vomdham and on the tenth day, the mother is seated on a sheep and the patta is opened for the devotees.
  8. Pitha is recited by the sounds of clocks, bells, mridangs, khotalas, beeri, veri, turi, and conch.
  9. Devotees visit the Mother and see the Ramlila and go around the stalls and eat as much food as they like and return home with joy.
  10. On the day after the tenth day, everyone bids farewell to the mother. And waiting for next year.

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