10 Lines On Lord Krishna in Odia Latest

10 Lines On Lord Krishna in Odia

10 Lines on lord krishna in odia, 10 Lines On Janmashtami In Odia, 10 lines about krishna in odia, 10 lines about lord krishna in odia language pdf downlod.

10 Lines On Lord Krishna in Odia, 10 Lines On Janmashtami in Odia
10 Lines On Lord Krishna in Odia
  1. Shri Krishna is known by the people of Hindu religion as the mighty, merciful and naughty God.
  2. Shri Krishna is merciful, merciful and trouble-free. He is very pleased with his devotees and helps them.
  3. Lord Krishna was born in the jail of Mathura.
  4. We know Shri Krishna by all names like Shyam, Bihari, Gopal, Keshav, Dwarkadhish, Vasudev, Kanhaiya etc.
  5. In Hinduism, Shri Krishna is considered to be the eighth incarnation of Vishnu.
  6. His maternal mother’s name was Devaki and father’s name was Vasudev.
  7. His foster mother’s name was Yashoda and father’s name was Nand Baba.
  8. We celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna as Janmashtami festival.
  9. We worship Lord Krishna even on the famous festival like Holi.
  10. He mainly had 8 wives but according to a legend he was the owner of 16108 wives.
  11. Shri Krishna took birth on earth to eliminate sin and establish virtue.
  12. But Lord Krishna still exists on this earth in some form or the other.
  13. Shri Krishna had liberated people from the sins and atrocities of Kansa.
  14. In Mahabharata also I showed Arjuna the right path and made the world aware of the right path of knowledge.
  15. God had protected the Pandavas from various troubles.

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