4 Odia Story For Child PDF~odia short story pdf

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4 Odia Story For Child PDF
4 Odia Story For Child PDF

4 Odia Story For Child PDF

1st odia story for child name is upahara. It’s very good story with a educational moral. The moral of this story explaning the gift is priceless.

Odia Story For Child PDF, odia short story for child pdf
Odia Story For Child PDF

There was a little girl who would be about fifteen or sixteen years old who needed emergency blood donation to save her life. The only way to survive her illness was to take blood from her younger brother because her younger brother who had miraculously defeated the disease and therefore had antibodies in her blood that were needed to fight her disease. But how the doctor or his parents would ask such a small child to donate blood was still a matter of concern.

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The doctor explained to the boy and went to Baku and said that if he donated some blood from his body to his sister, his sister would be healed. For some time the child was worried about whether he would donate blood or not. She didn’t know anything about it, but she agreed to donate blood so that her sister could recover quickly. She agreed to the doctor’s question without asking a question.

While she was bleeding, she was lying on another bed near her sister’s bed in the hospital. She looked at her sister’s face and looked at her sister.

When am I going to die?

Awesome odia love story

The boy speculated that he was giving his life to save himself. The little boy’s parents, along with the doctor, were also shocked to hear of him. Even though he had such feelings in mind, he agreed to donate blood to save his sister’s life. Only his sister is going to be allowed to live a long, healthy life with him.

The boy’s face was covered with a strange glow, and when he left the room, he kissed his older sister on the cheek.

It is an example of the extraordinary courage and self-sacrificing love of a little boy that we should all learn. She gives an inspiring message about the love and care selflessness she has shown for her sister. Although we may not face such a life or death decision, we are usually selfless. Selflessness encourages the heart to work instead of its pride and helps to fill our lives.

2nd odia short story for child Jabardakhal

Prakash Reddy, this is not just his name. His village was named after his village and ancestors. Dandepalli Vijay Bhaskar Prakash Reddy, briefly D.V.B.P.R. , That was his full name. The sign of the shop was written in bold. The ancestral village is in Sompeta in the coastal Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. But he was born in Bhubaneswar, this is where he has nothing else! The feeling of not having this is his life.

Open bicycle repair shops for government quarters near Market No. 9. Wooden upstairs shop, cabin. It nurtures her family. Chanda’s head was black with a black face. He is a man of a very serious nature, simple and honest. No one has ever seen him talk too much or quarrel.

When we learned to ride a bicycle as a child, we had a hard time getting air in the wheels. Other bicycle dealers in the market complex are reluctant to ventilate on our son’s bicycle. “Moses, Vaina, Uncle, Sarah” Nehru had to say a few words to give a little air in the wheel, sometimes even pumping himself. Then charge the money again! But if a girl goes out of her way to work, she will have to leave her job and call on her bicycle. How strange their behavior is! It feels great, but helpless. Can’t say or tolerate.

However, I have not had any problems since I became acquainted with the revelation. As soon as she reaches the front of her shop, she fills the air. Since it has an electric motor, it takes money instead of money. No talk, no talk. We all love it, because we don’t have to oil it or talk like that.

A few days later, his cabin was suddenly found. It’s been a long time coming. Who said he fled to his village Andhra Pradesh, who said he was taken prisoner by the police, how many …

“It simply came to our notice then. And we were all going to the old shops, waiting and getting annoyed. That old reckless attitude of the shopkeeper is for the little boys wearing hop pants. The mind becomes rebellious.

A few days after the incident, Prakash was preparing to throw himself in the old cabin again. That evening we cycled out into the streets of our colony. “It simply came to our notice then. He was not serious that day. He was trying to put a smile on his face when he saw us.

We asked, “Brother Prakash! Where did you go? You haven’t been seen in a long time.”

“I went to the village,” he replied.

: And your cabin?

: BMC demolished.

: But why?

: I didn’t give a week.

: Well, will there be a new cabin now?

: Yes, from next week. Break the BMC. I’ll make it again. Every time we throw garbage at a sewer, we get up again and stand on our own two feet. We don’t need anyone’s hands. If the government has the breath, remove the leader, minister, engineer, engineer, officer, contractor who built the building by forcibly occupying the capital, then I will remove my cabin myself.

Prakash Reddy went on to say, “Even though we young children don’t understand all this, we pretend to understand everything that…

3rd odia story for child Dayasagar

Efforts are behind all success. No success can be achieved without effort. There is no one else in this world who is more foolish than those who remain idle, leaving everything to fate and God. Out of oil, out of rice, out of rice – That’s true, but if you don’t try, oil will never come out of oil and rice out of rice. If we do not succeed in our endeavors, it is only a matter of time before we find out.

That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. There is a severe drought in Bengal. People just spend their lives in frustration. Ishvachandra Vidyasagar grows taller for any work of his own. On the way, a teenager approached Vidyasagar and asked for a vicar. Then the boy said, “My mother and I are very hungry.”

He saw the boy well and studied. “Listen, what would you do if I gave you four bucks?” From there, the boy answered easily. I will buy food for two rupees and give the remaining two rupees to my mother. Hearing such a response from the boy, Vidyasagar asked again. Well, what do you do if I pay you two bucks (then one bucks – six bucks)?

Suddenly the boy’s face dried up when he heard Vidyasagar’s words. Why did he think that the boy was making fun of him for begging for help? So in a dry face, the boy said, “Baby!” Don’t make fun of me for being poor. If you don’t want to pay, you can’t pay. But don’t go for less that your full potential. With that, the boy stepped forward.

Stepping forward, he grabbed the boy’s hand and threw it into the ocean. “I’m not having fun with you,” he said. Honestly, if I give you four ounces, what will you do? The boy was a little surprised to learn of Vidyasagar’s words. Why a penny, why twenty-five pennies. With that in mind, the boy looked at Vidyasagar’s face in surprise and said, “Then all my sorrows will be gone.” I will buy two ounces of food and buy two ounces of mangoes and sell them. That way, I will always have a way to earn something. Then I will never ask for a visa again.

That day, he was so impressed with Vidyasagar that he gave the boy a penny. Then he got the money and the boy left with great joy. Two or three years have passed since then. At some point, Vidyasagar grew again. Suddenly at the train station there, the boy recognized Vidyasagar and asked her to go to his shop.

Vidyasagar did not recognize the child at all, which he did not remember at the age of two or three. This time the boy reminded Vidyasagar of all the events. Then he went and remembered everything about Vidyasagar. The boy said to Vidyasagar – O Merciful Sea! I made this shop today with the money you gave me. My mother and I are very happy now. Ishvachandra praised the child’s dedication and efforts. For a long time, he sat in the boy’s shop and talked to her. In fact, Ishwarchandra was Vidyasagar – Dayasagar.

4th odia short story for child pdf Prajati

Once upon a time there was a king in a city. The people were very happy under the king’s rule. In a state rich in wealth, the river of milk flowed. None were found to be poor or beggars. He was proud of his family. He began to move towards a bit of arbitrariness. The Prime Minister, who was very intelligent, was mistaken. The fall of the state is inevitable if the ruler voluntarily resigns. He found a way to get her on the road. One day a man who looked like a beggar met him. Surprised, the minister asked,

 – There are no beggars in the state, who are you?

– Mr. Olgi, I am a common citizen of the neighboring state. “I am just happy to be free.

– Hey, can you work?

– I can count the right species for everyone, whether human or animal.

  When the chief minister was happy to appear before the king, he had a secret purpose in mind.

— May the king be victorious. The king has come from the neighboring state in search of work. He can tell about the exact clans and species of any creature. It would be nice to have him in charge of our animal shelters and stables. We could import high-quality animals.

 The king agreed. The man was on the job.

 One day the king appeared at the table and asked the back of his beloved horse,

“How are you, my horse?”

– Your Majesty, I apologize. The horse is all good, but not the horse of this high race. You can ask where you bought the horse from.

 The king went to the horse dealer and asked if he knew that the horse was of the worst kind. He has been trained and sold at high prices.

 The king was overjoyed and gave the man a gift of livestock and hired a bodyguard from his queen Antapur.

 One day, while the queen was visiting Batika, the king suddenly asked the guard,

 What are the symptoms of the Queen’s temperament?

The man said in fear,

 – i’ll tell you when Chamu saves.

– Speak boldly. I am donating.

– Your Majesty. The queen is of a very gentle nature, very kind and high-minded, but she is not the daughter of a high class. You could ask his parents.

 The king immediately summoned his father-in-law Amatya and asked him. It is learned that the princess whom the king had married as a child had raised her slave girl out of fear of her death, and today the queen is her queen.

 Impressed by his extraordinary wisdom, the king appointed his chief deputy with many livestock awards.

 One day, he asked his assistant, who was running for office, on a dry day.

 – Hey, am I cool again?

 Frightened, he said,

 – I cannot answer this question, Your Majesty, in this secluded chamber. If nothing else, you should at least call the Chief Minister, and I will make a secret before him.

 When the Chief Minister arrived, he repeatedly apologized.

– Your Majesty, although you have a reputation for the rulers and good governance of this great country, but you are not a noble king, forgiveness. You are a coward in the race. You can get the answer from the Queen.

 The king looked at the minister in astonishment, and the head of the public ministry, looking away from the king, said,

 – Let’s go to the king, the queen.

 From the queen’s point of view, the king was not really a dynasty. As the former king was childless, he was brought up from a cow and raised as a northern herdsman, with good symptoms. The king’s pride was shattered. After the king was appointed treasurer of the state treasury, many animals gave gifts and asked what symptoms he was determining.

 “Kindly,” he said,

– Your Majesty, first of all, let the horses, the horses of the upper classes, be the straw. The grass eats its head in the mouth, but the common horse, like a cow, puts its face on the grass and eats face down.

 Then the queen, the queen, does not like to associate with the people of the palace. He is always in the company of maids, even spending time with her in the maid’s chambers.

The point is, noble kings, if they please, will give you treasures, not just animals. In addition, if the caste is not pleased with the tribe, the person who does not know the character is not directly in the royal court and is not directly supervised by the queen.

The minister’s wishes were fulfilled. The king again ruled in good governance.

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