22+ Best Money Making Agriculture Business Ideas In India

Agriculture Business Ideas

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Hello friends welcome to our website darkodisha. In today’s article we are going to talk about agriculture business ideas in hindi. As you know that India is an agricultural country.

In such a situation, if you want to start a business based on agriculture but you have no idea about which agriculture business you should do, then I would request you to read this article till the end-
You can start the following types of business based on agriculture. In the details of which I am going to give you below points, let’s know –

Organic fertilizer production

If you want to start a business based on agriculture, then you can earn a lot of profit by starting the business of organic fertilizer production.

To encourage this business, loans are also being given by the government at low interest rates. Organic fertilizers are mostly used in organic agriculture.
Therefore, it has a high demand in the market because whatever vegetables are produced by it are quite pollution free.

Most importantly, to start this business, you will have to invest very little money here. But the profits are very good in it. You can start this business from your home also.

  1. Organic Fertilizer Production
  2. Dairy Farming
  3. Business of selling fertilizers
  4. You can start a flower business
  5. Cultivating Mushrooms
  6. Poultry Farming Business
  7. Nursery Farm Business
  8. Agriculture Center Business
  9. Rice Flour and Dal Mill Business
  10. Start Pickle Business
  11. Beekeeping Business
  12. Fish farming business
  13. Snail Farming Business
  14. Cultivating Herbs
  15. Tea Gardens
  16. Exporting Fruits and Vegetables
  17. Business of Spices
  18. Goat Farming Business
  19. Do the business of making animal feed
  20. Taking a Dealership to Sell Seeds
  21. Aloe Vera Cultivation Business
  22. Flour Mill Business

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