Aim of My Life Essay in Telugu Pdf Download

Aim of My Life Essay in Telugu

Aim of my life essay in telugu, short essay on my aim in life in telugu, my aim in life doctor essay in telugu, జీవితంలో నా లక్ష్యం గురించి, telugu bhasha vyasam, telugu basha vyasam, telugu bhasha goppatanam vyasam. To write an essay about my goal in human life… whether our goal is exactly what we set out to do or what we set out to do when we hear what the adults say the goal is formed in some way.

But every person has a purpose in life. If it’s for some to grow financially well, it’s to get a good job. Need to get a good level job. Must top sports Everyone has a goal in some field of some kind.

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But before thinking of writing an article about the goal… first everyone also hears some words from the adults. We can try to write an article by quoting the words we have heard. How to set a goal in normal life according to the words of an adult as follows డానికి To write an article.

The influence of adult words on the formation of my purpose in life
I have heard adults repeatedly say, “Life without purpose is futile.” Especially if being born a human being is a blessing, it is unfortunate that it does not have the right goal for its fulfillment.

Aim of My Life Essay in Telugu
Aim of My Life Essay in Telugu Pdf Download

The words of such an adult made me think. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. But the words made me think again that frustration arises when you set an impossible goal and fail to achieve it.

Yes it is not so good for life to set a huge goal that is impossible without assessing the possibilities depending on my family affordability in the situation I am in. I have to face a lot of difficulties in life due to the frustrations and depressions of not being able to achieve it.

Because they are talking about the problems they face in life with experience. I have learned in the process of choosing a goal in my life that such words can help us choose our goal.

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