Air Pollution Essay in Odia Pdf Download

Air Pollution Essay in Odia Pdf Download

Air Pollution Essay in Odia, air pollution essay in odia pdf, bayu pradushana in odia essay. Air pollution is getting worse day by day. Due to this thousands of people are dying every year in our country. It is increasing at double the rate every year, neither are any concrete steps being taken by the government regarding air pollution, nor is the common man worrying about it.

An organism or human living on earth can survive for a few days without food and water but cannot survive even for a moment without air, so we should not pollute the life-giving oxygen.

Air pollution essay in odia, air pollution essay in odia pdf, bayu pradushana in odia essay
Air pollution essay in odia

Due to air pollution, changes are also taking place on our earth, due to which the atmosphere of our earth is heating up very fast, due to which a situation like global warming is arising.

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Air pollution is destroying the atmosphere of our entire earth. There are two main causes of air pollution in which one is natural and one is man-made causes.

Natural causes of air pollution

Many such natural phenomena happen on our earth due to which air pollution increases such as volcanic eruption, forest fires, dust blowing, sand contraction, ocean salinity increase, thunderstorms, comet spray, pollen grains, viruses, Bacteria etc. is the reason due to which air pollution occurs naturally on earth.

Man-made cause of air pollution

The main reasons for air pollution on earth are being done mainly by human beings as follows – big industries, factories, motor vehicles, smoking, wood smoke, use of pesticides in the fields, to remove weeds and to destroy the crop.

Spraying of gases to get rid of rubbish, burning of grass left after harvest, particulate matter, bomb blast, nuclear explosion, open defecation, exploitation of coal, dust from construction work etc. Air pollution due to excessive amount spreads in.

Due to all these reasons, the amount of gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, nitric oxide and ammonia increases in our atmosphere, how all this is harmful for our atmosphere. Due to the increase in the quantity of all these gases on the earth, incurable diseases like cancer, asthma, heart diseases, stomach diseases, loss of eyes are increasing in excessive quantity {air pollution essay in odia}.

If air pollution is not reduced soon then it can destroy the whole earth. To save our earth from air pollution, we should set up industries away from residential areas, we should find new energy sources in place of nuclear energy which reduce pollution, we should promote solar energy, battery operated Priority should be given to vehicles, gas should be used instead of wood in homes.

While doing construction work, construction work should be done by sprinkling water or covering it with cloth and in the most and most important work, maximum number of trees should be planted. Thanks to reading air pollution essay in odia. If you love this please comment on this article.

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