Aliv Seeds in Odia Language – Meaning, Uses, Benefits

Aliv Seeds in Odia

Aliv seeds in odia, aliv seeds meaning in odia, aliv seeds benefits in odia language.

Aliv Seeds in Odia, Aliv Seeds Meaning in Odia


Aliv Seeds Meaning in Odia ଅଲିଭ ମଞ୍ଜି
Seed Family: Brassicaceae
Scientific Name: Lepidium Sativum

Aliv Seeds Uses in Odia

  1. For Constipation of the stomach
  2. To increase immunity
  3. For people with anemia
  4. For people with piles
  5. To Lose Weight
  6. For the heart
  7. To Cure Inflammation
  8. For rheumatic diseases
  9. To increase milk in breasts
  10. To remove the problem of hiccups

Aliv Seeds Meaning in Odia, aliv seeds benefits in odia language, Aliv Oil in Odia

It is a perennial plant whose length is about 15 to 45 cm, its stem is straight and smooth, its flowers are white in color, 2 mm long and bisexual, its fruit is flat, in which one to two brown colors inside a fruit have seeds. This seeds called as aliv seeds.

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