Ash Gourd in Odia | Best Ash Gourd Meaning in Odia

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Ash Gourd in Odia

Ash Gourd Meaning in Odia – ପାଣି କଖାରୁ,  ridge gourd in odia, bottle gourd in odia, ash gourd juice, ash gourd benefits in odia, pani kakharu in english.

Ash Gourd in Odia, Ash Gourd Meaning in Odia

English Term Odia Meaning
Ash gourd Pani Kakharu
Pani Kakharu in English Ash gourd

Ash gourd benifits in odia

  • Accelerates Weight Loss.
  • Augments Heart Function.
  • Detoxifies The Kidneys.
  • Enhances gastrointestinal system .
  • Strengthens Respiratory Processes.
  • Complements Ketogenic Diet.

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