atharva veda pdf in hindi | atharva veda in hindi pdf

Atharva Veda pdf in Hindi

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Atharva Veda Pdf in Hindi, Atharva veda in hindi pdf download
Atharva Veda Pdf in Hindi

Atharva veda is called 4th veda of vedik books. This is a special book which is performed regarding the Tantra, Mantra and Yantra. Except this book all vedas are based on the philosophies like Yoga, Yagya, Puja, Upasana etc. But this is the only one which is originated by lord shiva. This book is divided into 4 types.

  1. Agam
  2. Nigam
  3. Jamal
  4. Damar

Agam Atharva

Agam means the slokas and secret mantras which origin by lord shiva. When lord shiva said and his shakti listne that’s called Agam atharva.

Nigam Atharva

Some secret questions asked by devi shakti or Parvati to lord shiva is called nigam atharva. Which is originated from Maha shakti or Goddess Parvati.

Jamal Atharva

This is a specific philsophies of atharba beda calle jamala which is written by some saints like sankarshan, shandilya and others. This is not related to any gods or goddess. Jamala is all about mudras, mahamudras and other things.

Damar Atharva

This is the very miraculous part or atharba beda. Because damar atharva is full of secret tantras to active bad and negetive spirits to do vashikara, hynotise, maran, stambhan, uchatan etc. Damar is part of atharva veda mantras for black magic.

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