Awesome Odia Love Story Prathama Premara Bali

Awesome odia love story prathama premara bali is one of the very heart odia love story in odia language. This story mentioned the power of sacrifies after know she never came back once again in hins life. But madan Sacrifice his love for champa due to some social issues. Read carefully this odia love story pdf we hope you enjoy it. Comment your opinion after reading this odia story.

Awesome Odia Love Story Prathama Premara Bali
Awesome Odia Love Story Prathama Premara Bali

Awesome Odia Love Story Prathama Premara Bali

Odia love story begins from madan. He belongs from very poor family. he go somewhere on his bicycle. Dhire dhire madanara cyclera bega badhibaku lagila. Taari saangaku hrudayara spandana Madhya jore jore badhibaku laguthila. Tathapi sesabu prati taara khaatir naahin. Aahuri jore cycletira paddle ghumeibaare laagithaae. Sahara abhimukhe. Kahariku bi taara nighaa nathaae.


Kebala se aagaku aagaku atikrama kari chaalithaae. Pabanara taala saha taala milei jaauthaae sei kalaa macha macha pichu raastaa upare. Aatha barsara pilaa, hele dehare ajasra bala. Jore cycle chaluthaae aagaku sei bhitare je taara sei abhulaa atitara smruti gudaaka bhaasi jaauthaae taari aakhi aagare. Sabukichi jala jala hoi ajibi taari aakhi aagare nachi uthuchi tatha pratiyamana hoi uthuchi.

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Hrudaya bhitare gachita kohataka sabuchaati bhitare toil deichanti bidroha. Sei atita jibanara abhula amaaniaa atita sabu madanaku paagala kari deuthaae. Sata chesta satwe sesabuku seta bhuli paaribani kete tharaje chesta karichi hele sabubele se haari jaaichi.

Slowly, Madan’s bicycle began to increase, and his heartbeat began to increase, but he did not care about everything. The rhythm is matched on that black mach pichu road. The eighteen-year-old has incredible strength in his body. The rebellion. The unforgettable ammonia of that past life drives all Madan crazy.

Forget her first love?

He tried to get away, but his heart never let go. Who can ever forget her first love. How can anyone ever forget her first love? Amania Manta’s heart is not filled with money or how she thinks that. He couldn’t forget it, how he could have forgotten it.

odia love story pdf
Odia love story pdf

When he was in the tenth grade, he remembered how beautiful he was. There was no sorrow, no pain, no fear of anyone, no bondage. How much independent life did she live. “Odia love story pdf/love story in odia pdf” Madan was the only son of the parents. Although his father was a farmer, he was a man. He does not know the hypocrisy, he is like a deity in the religion of mercy.

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That is why everyone around him recognizes him. That’s why everyone buys vegetables from his stick. Far from taking money, he gives it away without money. There was no shortage of money due to the grace of Mother Lakshmi.


His father’s livelihood was a three-pronged affair.

Madan is in the tenth grade in the village school. There was no child to equal Madan even in reading. He is a leader in every field. He is humble, punctual and simple.

He passed the first class and passed the tenth grade. The village was heard all over Madan’s Bai .. Bai … How happy Madana was that day. Then came college life. It was a good idea to ride a bicycle. The road was also very good.


Madan started his college life

Madan started his college life in that college. New places were the first of the new people and so many children were busy at first. He began to show his achievements. He was two feet ahead of everyone else.

She remembers even though she was reluctant to do so. She tried to stop them, but she left for Madan College at about 9am on the same day. The day was not looking so beautiful. “Odia love story/love story in odia” Maybe the chain of her bicycle was open and she was busy and stopped Madan.


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Madan also stopped and helped her. Since then, a good relationship has developed between the two. Champa is also the daughter of Ramnath Babu, a neighbor of Madan’s village. She is also the eldest daughter of her parents. Ramakant Babu, the owner of ten acres of land inherited from Aja’s harvest, has no shortage of daughters. Ramakant Babu.


Gradually, the two became close friends. A good relationship developed between the two. Madan waits for Champa every day near the poles at the intersection of the two villages, and then they go to college together. There is no tomorrow.


Even in college, the two of them sat together and chatted. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Why didn’t anyone like Champa on the day she didn’t come? She no longer has to concentrate on reading. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. I can’t sleep all night. He comes to the pole sooner rather than later and waits for Champa.

love story in odia language
Love story in odia language

It’s been a while, but Champa is in the same situation. Champa is still in love with Madan in her mind. She can’t say anything. Champa doesn’t know everything. And how many days after the test, he breaks down, wondering if he’ll ever see Madan again. {odia love story}


That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. And he was under the control of the old man. He had already sold his mind and soul to Champa.


Love affair with champa

  • The love affair with Champa spread to the whole college.
  • Champa’s father is terrified of what will happen if he finds out.

It’s been a few days. Madana has decided to say everything on her way back from college. But she doesn’t have the courage. It’s been awhile since I last tried

There was only a few more days left for the exam. But Madan hasn’t even touched the book yet.

Champa is still in the same condition. It is not possible for her to stay without Madan for a day. But she does not say what she will do for fear of her father. The exam is over. The love that was growing deepened

awesome odia love story pdf
awesome odia love story pdf

It’s time to dump her and move on. The results of the test were released. They both failed to score well. No matter what they did. Madan helped his father with farming. His future was completely ruined. Gone are the days of Champa not being able to refuse his father.


Champa’s wedding is approaching. Madan is also invited to come. He has gone to the city to buy some gifts for that purpose.

After shopping in the city, he went out to Champa village. When he got there, he went in front of Champa’s house. He noticed that the crowd was crowded. He walked slowly and saw that someone was lying on the ground. Odia love story someone was sitting next to him and crying in a low voice. Fall, there, his body.

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