Bewafa Meaning in Odia

Bewafa Meaning in Odia

Hello dear visitors in this article i will tell you Bewafa Meaning in Odia. Literally meaning of bewafa in odia is Dhokabaz, palataka etc. Their are many synonyms of bewafa in odia language aailable in odia dictionary. Let’s see all of them.

Bewafa Meaning in Odia

Bewafa Odia Meaning: Dhokabaz, Palataka, Kapurusa, Harami, Behia, Biswasa Ghataka Etc.

Their are 6 bewafa meaning odia language.

  1. Dhoakabaj

  2. Kapurusa

  3. Biswasa Ghataka

  4. Harami

  5. Behia

  6. Palataka

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