Bhima Bhoi Poems in Odia

Bhima bhoi poems in odia

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Bhima Bhoi Poems in Odia, Bhima Bhoi Poems in Odia Pdf
Bhima Bhoi Poems in Odia

Bhima bhoi is an odia saint. His life was very tears of ocean. After he meet with his spiritual guru Mahima Goswami, his life changed forever.

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Many saints have been born in India and have imparted invaluable knowledge to the world. Most of these saints are from Odisha. One of them is Bhim Bhoi. Because his life was full of misery. As a child, he did not get close to his parents. Because he was an orphan.

He was even blind from birth. Cattle grazing was his profession. He was walking in the woods that day, listening to the sounds of cows and footsteps. If someone in the village gave them any food, they would eat it and drink water from the spring. Even though he was blind from birth, the knowledge he gave to the world is not the same as that of millions of people with eyes.

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