Biography of Birbal

Biography of Birbal

You must have heard the story of Birbal and Akbar at some point or the other in your childhood, but today we are going to tell you some such things of Birbal that you will also be surprised to know.

Birbal was born in 1584 Vikram Samvat in Kanpur ie Tikwanpur. Birbal was one of the most intelligent and prompt answers since childhood and was also one of the nine gems of Emperor Akbar. Birbal Dekhna was a Brahmin and his sub-caste was Mishra or Shukla. Birbal’s mother’s name is Anabha, who was married to Ganga Das, due to the drought in the place where she used to live, she had to change her place, but due to the financial condition of her family, they had to move each other in different fields. Birbal was very popular due to his cleverness and due to his intelligence skills, Birbal was also a great scholar of Persian and Sanskrit languages ​​and used to write poems in them. Apart from this, he had also taken music initiation, due to which he was kept in the court of Jaipur and later in the court of Maharaj of Rewa as Tell and Raj Poet.

Birbal biography in english

Once upon a time Birbal met Akbar. When Birbal was in his youth, Akbar built a palace near Chapargata and camped there. He heard many tales of Birbal there and impressed by his talents ordered him to be called in his court. Even today Akbar’s fort is present in Chhapra Ghat.

Birbal used to answer his questions very wisely by going to Akbar’s place. And a few days later Birbal adopted Din-e-Ilahi religion and he also had a beautiful house in Fatehpur Sikri where he lived where he used to be the principal secretary of the Mughal court in the administration of Emperor Akbar. And Birbal was also called the beauty of the royal court, although he was well versed in Brajbhasha and at any time, at the time of Birbal’s death, Akbar had said a Sortha which is something like this-

Look at the poor, all the poor, one or the other, sorrow and sorrow.

So now where are we humbled, I am not a turtle, Birbal

A story of Birbal which became very famous-

Akbar raised the question in the court, “Who walks the fastest?” Some have called the moon and some have told the sun to be the fastest. Then Birbal was asked, “Maharaj! The money of Mahajan runs the fastest, day and night it increases at four times the speed, no one can run faster than this. Akbar was delighted to hear Birbal’s answer.

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