Biography of Devaki Jain

Biography of Devaki Jain

Biography of Devaki Jain
Name : Devaki Jain
Date of Birth : 1933
Location : Mysore, Karnataka
Spouse: Laxmichand Jain
Occupation: Economist, Writer

Early Biography:

Devaki Jain was born in 1933 in Mysore district of Karnataka state. Jain studied in various convent schools in India. And studied at St. Anne’s College, Oxford. After graduating from Oxford with a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, he taught economics at Delhi University till 1969. He married Gandhian economist Laxmi Chand Jain. He has two children. Sime NDTV reporter Srinivasan Jain is also involved.

Work :

Devki Jain is an Indian economist and author. Who has worked mainly in the field of feminist economics. Through her work on her book, Women in India, she introduced herself to feminist themes. She took an active part in writing, lecturing, networking building pioneers and supporting women.

Jain was the founder of the Institute of Social Studies Trusta ISST in New Delhi. And served as director till 1994. She has also worked in the field of employment of women. He has edited a book titled International Year of Women of India.

Gandhi’s philosophy has influenced Jain’s work and life. Her academic research has focused on the issues of democratic decentralization, people-centred development and women’s rights. She has worked for local, national and international women’s movements. She currently lives in Bangalore India.

Jain has traveled extensively as a participant in many networks and forums. As Chair of the Consultative Committee on Gender for the United Nations Center in the Asia Pacific, she has visited many countries, including most of the Pacific and the Karebi Islands. Along with Julius Nyerere, he had the privilege of meeting and discussing the views and concerns of African leaders. He is also a member of the erstwhile South Commission set up by NYERERE.

Awards and honors :

  • Jain was awarded an Honorary Doctorate 1999 from the University of Durban Westville, Republic of South Africa.
  • He also received the Brauford Moss Memorial Award 1995 from UNDP at the Beijing World Conference.
  • She was a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies University of Success 1993.
  • Fulbright was a senior fellow associated with both Harvard University and Boston University in 1984.
  • She was also a Fellow in the State Planning Board of the Government of Karnataka.
  • Member of the Standing Committee of the UGC’s Women’s Adhyayan Committee and Julius Nyerere when she was a member of the South Commission.
  • In 2013:14 she was a Plummer Visiting Fellow at her alma mater St Anne’s College, Oxford.


  • Indian Women 1975
  • Exploring Women’s Power Five Indian Study Case 1980.
  • Atrocities at home 1985
  • Women of Faith: Cultural Perspectives on Religion and Social Change 1986.
  • Glossary of Women’s Politics 2000.
  • Women’s Development and the United Nations’ Search of the Year for Equality Justice 2005.
  • Bringing narration from the Adhyayan Family of Women to Wisdom 2003.

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