Biography of Munia Ganguly

Biography of Munia ganguly

Name: Muniya Ganguly
Birth :
Location : India
Occupation: Biochemist Scientist at CIGIB

Early Biography:

Muniya Ganguly is an Indian biochemist, biotechnologist and scientist at the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (ICGIB). She is known for developing non-invasive protocols of drug delivery.

Muninya Ganguly is a member of that detachment. Which represented the IGI B in a joint research initiative between CSIR and IGIB for intertwining chemistry with biology.

Work :

Munia Ganguly is working on nanocomplexes of cargo molecules and nanoparticle mediation methods for various cell and tissue illumination. Dr| Munia is a member of the Editorial Advisory Committee on Nanoscience and its Applications. Which is sponsored by a national level seminar. She has served as the leader of the IGIB project, Nanomaterials and Nanodevices for applications in health and disease.

The team led by him has been successful in developing a drug delivery system for te dermatological disorders. In which plasmid DNA was carried using a nanometer sized peptide complex. Two effective penetration is shown. and obviously without harming the skin.

Dr. Muniyane holds two patents for the processes developed by you. Dr| Munia has established her own laboratory in IGIB. His laboratory is primarily engaged in developing nucleic acids and efficient strategies to treat the skin, eye and catfish using cell peptidating peptidases. Which may eventually be useful for the delivery of developed cargo to these organs.

Presently the focus of this laboratory is to: 1) develop peptide based nanocomplexes for delivery of nucleic acids to various cell and tissue types. 2) Develop safe and efficient methods of cargo delivery for skin.

Availability :

  • Awards and honors :

  1. The Government of India has honored him with the National Biopsychology Award in 2012 for his contribution to Bioscience.
  2. Scientific articles that an online registry has listed 76 of them.
  3. Nanoworks is involved in the ABSMSNW-2017 International Conference on Ways Advances in Biological Systems and Materials Science.
  4. He has edited a special volume of the journal Genomics Remaining Trades in Health and Discovery Science and Culture, published in January 2011.
  • Book :

1) Inorganic Particle Synthesis Via Micro and Microcalculation: A Micrometer to Nanometer Landscape by Munia Ganguly 31 Octokar Published in 2003.

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