Biography of Nirmala Sundari or Anandamayi Ma

Biography of Nirmala Sundari

Name: Nirmala Sundari
Birth date : 30 April 1896
Location: Khora, Brahmanbaria, Bengal
Spouse: Ramani Mohan Chakraborty
Occupation: Saint
Died: 27 August 1982 aged 86

Early Biography:

Anandmayi was born as Nirmala Sundari Devi on 30 April 1896 in the present day village of Tilora district of Bangladesh, now Brahmanberia district. His parents were an orthodox Vaishnava Brahmin Bipin Bihari Bhattacharya and Mokshada Sundari Devi. His father who was originally a resident of Vighakoot in Tripura. Was a Vaishnava singer, though the family lived in poverty. Nirmala studied in village schools of Sultanpur and Khiro for about 2 to 4 months. Although her teachers were pleased with her ability, her mother worried about her daughter’s mental development due to her constant indifference and happiness. When his mother once became seriously ill, relatives also commented with riddles about the child that he was clearly unaffected.

In 1908 at the age of twelve, 10 months, keeping in mind the rural customs at that time. She was married to Ramani Mohan Chakraborty of Vikrampur now Munshiganj district, which was later renamed as Bholanath. She had been attending to the housework at her brother-in-law’s house for a long time, in a relaxed state of meditation, after five years of marriage. It was in the Ashtagram that Harkumar, a staunch neighbor widely regarded as insane, developed the habit of recognizing and proclaiming his spiritual genius, addressing her as Ma, and in reverence before dawn and dusk. did |

When Nirmala was about seventeen years old, she went to live with her husband, who was working in the city of Ashtagram. In 1918, she moved to Bajitpur where she remained till 1924. It was a solemn marriage whenever there were thoughts of lust for Ramani, Nirmala’s body would take on the qualities of death.

At midnight, on the full moon night of August 1922, twenty-six-year-old Nirmala took her spiritual initiation. He explained that the ceremony and its rites were appearing unintentionally to him when he was called. Although uneducated on this matter, complex rites match those of traditional ancient Hinduism, including flower offerings, mystical painting instruments and fire rituals. After that he said, as a Guru, I disclosed the mantra as a discipline, he accepted it and started reciting it.

Work :

Nirmala moved with her husband to Shahbagh in 1924, where she was appointed as the caretaker of the gardens of the Nawab of Dhaka. During this period Nirmala went into ecstasy in public kirtans. Nirmala is called Anandamayi Ma, which means Mother of Happiness, or Mother of Ananda. He was primarily responsible for the first ashram built for Anandamayi Ma in Ramana in 1929 within the premises of the Ramana Kali Temple.


Ma died in Dehradun on 27th August 1982 and later on 29th August 1982 a Samadhi Mandir was constructed in the courtyard of his Kankhal Ashram located in Haridwar, North India. Anandimayi Ma never prepared what she said. Wrote or amended it People often found it difficult to conduct informal conversations because of their constitutional speed. To broadcast his speech before it became available.


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