Biography of Rajendra Bhatia

Biography of Rajendra Bhatia

Name : Rajendra Bhatia
Birthday – 8th May 1952
Location : India
Father: Balmukund Bhatia
Occupation: Professor, Writer

Early Biography:

Rajendra Bhatia is an Indian mathematician, writer and teacher. Presently he is Professor of Mathematics at Ashoka University in India. Rajendra Bhatia was born on 8 in 1952 in India. His father’s name is Balmukunda Bhatia and mother’s name is Bhagwanti Bhatia. He has studied in Delhi University.

Where he has obtained BSc and MSc degrees in Mathematics. After that he received his PhD degree from the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata under the guidance of Professor KR Parthasarathy.

Work :

Rajendra Bhatia’s research interests include Matrix Inequalities, Calculation of Matrix Functions, Means of Matrix and Harmonic Analysis, Relationship between Geometry and Matrix Analysis. Rajendra Bhatia Bhatia Davis is one of the symbols of inequality. In 1992, he has done the work of establishing a series of books and readings in mathematics.

He has done research on the series Sanskuti on the history of Indian mathematics and the history of mathematics. Rajendra has worked on the editorial boards of several leading international journals such as Linear Algebra and its Applications and SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications.

Availability :

Awards and Honors:

  • Rajendra Bhatia has been awarded the INSA Medal in 1982.
  • In 1995, Rajendra has been awarded the Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award by the Government of India.
  • In the year 2017, he has been awarded the Hans Schroeder Prize in Linear Algebra.

Books / Texts :

  • 1987 Published : Perturbation Bandandrus for Matrix Eigenvalues.
  • 1997 Published : Matrix Analysis |
  • 2007 Positive definite matrix.
  • Fourier series Mathematical Association of America published in 1993.
  • Published on 15 July 2013: Connected at Infinity A Selection of Mathematics by Indians.

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