Biography of Saroj Raj Chaudhary

Biography of Saroj Raj Chaudhary

Name: Saroj Raj Choudhary
Birth :
Location Odisha, India
Spouse: Suklambri Chowdhury
Occupation: Wildlife conservationist, writer

Early Biography:

Saroj Raj Choudhary was an Indian environmentalist, wildlife conservationist and author. She has also been the founder director of Simlipal National Park in Mayurbhanj district of the Indian state of Odisha. Saroj Raj Choudhary was born in Odisha, India.

She started her career as a Forest Officer in the Government of Odisha and rose in rank to become a Wildlife Conservation Officer. He was the first person to occupy this position. He was married to Suklambari Chowdhury.

Saroj had found a female tiger cub from near the Khairi river by Kharia tribesmen in a historic year in 1974. He also changed his quarters in Jashipur to keep the cubs under his care and to raise wild animals.

For many years, the Khairi nose cub was with him even though he was fully developed. He has also raised many other wild animals at his residence. For example, a crocodile named Jumbu, a bear cub, a blind hyena called a baina and a mongoose, etc.

Work :

Saroj used to work as the head of the research institute established in 1878 by Dietrich Brandeis German Vanpalavd. In 1972, Sapit Samilipal was the founding director of Tiger Research. There he used to work as the head of Projector Tiger. Whose headquarter was in Baripada.

Saroj has given credit for many initiatives in the field of wildlife conservation. He started a technique in 1972 while conducting the first tiger census in India. Which later became a popular practice used all over India.

Sarej did research on the behavioral pattern of dams. Particularly on the subject of pheromones, which helped research into the later days of RL. He also introduced the use of tranquilizers to catch wild tuskers.

Availability :

Awards and Honors:

  • Saroj was awarded the Paghashree Award by the Government of India in 1983.
  • He was the founder director of Simlipal National Park.


  • Saroj wrote about her experiences with the animal in a book, Khairi the Willu Hygres.
  • 2003 Khairi Pyari Badhin|
  • 1974 : Maintenance of Wildlife Sanctuaries and Warcos.
  • 1975 Wakinaki and Wildlife Conservation Tropicsmin.
  • 1977 Grass Taser.

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