Biography of Sofiya Wadia

Biography of Sofiya Wadia

Name: Saifia Wadia
Date of Birth: 1901
Location: Colombia
Spouse: BP Wadia
Occupation: Theosophist, Writer

Early life:

Saifia Wadia was born in the year 1901. He was born in Colombia. Wadia did his education in Matrubhumi, Paris, London and New York. Sofia met BP Wadia. Those who went on a trip to European countries. He was an Indian Theosophist. Sophia was influenced by his philosophy. and married BP in 1920.

And the next year she went to India with her life partner and joined them. Wadia established several branches of the United Theosophists at different places in Europe. And in 1929, the first Indian branch was established in Mumbai. Sofia Wadia’s other name is Sofia Camacho. Her husband’s name is BP Wadia.

Sofia Wadia established the All India Center of International PEN in Mumbai in 1930. And she published both the magazines. The India Pen and The A Eyan Path Sophia was the editor of The India Pen. and held this position till his death.

Work :

Sophia founded the Bharatiya Vishwa Sanskuti in 1942 at Vasanavanagudi near Bangalore in the South Indian state of Karnataka. During this time he wrote two books, The Broodgood of Religion in 1926 and a book preparing for citizenship in 1941. He received the Nobel Prize in 1941 and the second edition of Rabindranath came out in 1944 with a foreword written by Mahatma Gandhi.

Sophia also played an important role in the establishment of the Russian Book Trust in Mumbai. And it was published in her husband’s famous work The Gandhian Way. Sofia Wadia continued her social life after the death of her husband in 1958. and organized eleven All India Writing Conferences.

Availability :

  • Nobel Prize was received in 1941.
  • Padma Shri Award.
  • The Brotherhood of Religion in the book 1936.
  • Preparation for citizenship in 1941.

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