Carryminati Biography, Net Worth, GF, Income or BIO

Carryminati Biography

CarryMinati i.e. Ajay Nagar is considered the star of Roasting, Comedy, and Gaming not only in India but all over the world, Ajay Nagar has 2 YouTube channels on YouTube CarryMinati and CarryIsLive. Which is a very popular channel on both channels, Ajey Nagar puts Roasting, Comedy, Rap Music and Entertainment Videos on CarryMinati channel and on his second channel CarryIsLive, he comes live and plays games and does commentary. So we are happy to write about carryminati biography, so let’s begin it. On Carry is Live channel people enjoy his commentary more than his gameplay, Ajay Nagar is known for his commentary apart from roster, comedian, rapper.

Carryminati Biography
Carryminati Biography

Birth of Ajay Nagar and his family

Ajay Nagar was born on 12 June 1999 in the city of Faridabad, Haryana. His family consists of his parents (Vivek Nagar) and his brother Yash Nagar (Wily Frenzy) who have their own music production, their passion is music.

Ajay Nagar’s education

Ajai Nagar has done his studies from Delhi Public School, he did not like to study, so he did his studies only till 12th standard. He left his studies in 2016 itself.

Career of ajay nagar

Ajai Nagar (CarryMinati) wanted to do something different and different from the beginning, due to this reason he had left his studies because he did not feel like studying, he believed that the work should be done in whatever way he felt like. That’s what they did. From the age of 10, he was more fond of gaming and used to spend more of his time on YouTube.

Ajay Nagar wanted to make his career on YouTube and he first opened his YouTube channel Stealthfearzz in which he used to upload tips and tutorials related to football game but his channel did not become very popular. After that he thought of starting his gaming channel and named it Addicted, on this channel he used to put videos of his games playing and along with the games he used to do mimicry of some popular people but his channel also did something special. Didn’t go

When Ajay Nagar’s Addicted channel also did not work properly, then he changed the name of his channel to Carry Deol, after that he kept doing his mimicry and along with his mimicry he also started roasting Ajay Nagar’s channel now. It had become a bit more popular, it was getting a lot of people and was getting a lot of response but they made a roasting video on BB Ki Vines (Bhuvan Bam) which became very viral Bhuvan Bam was also very popular at that time. Because of which Ajay Nagar’s roasting video became very viral and made him popular overnight, after that Carry Me Nati changed the name of his channel to CarryMinati.

CarryMinati Roasting’s channel is becoming more and more popular day by day and along with it Ajay Nagar plays live games and commentary on his other YouTube channel CarryIsLive which is very much liked by his fans.

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After that there was a dispute between some TikTokers and Youtubers and some TikTokers started calling their Tik Tok bigger than YouTube, many memes were made on it and many Youtubers roasted it but no one’s roast video became so popular. Then CarryMinati took out one of his Roast video on TikTok (TikTok: The End) which went viral very fast and as soon as the video went viral for a few days, the video was deleted from YouTube within two-three days. There were about 76 million views on the video, the video got deleted but due to that video on CarryMinati’s channel, it grew from about 9 million subscribers so fast that her channel got more than 20 million subscribers and she became her favorite in India. Became number one.

Carryminati youtube channel link

When CarryMinati’s video was deleted from YouTube, he was a little sad but he got a lot of support, after that he took out a music video of his named Elgar, that video also went viral very fast and its views more than 150 million. Due to which CarryMinati became even more popular.

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