Christmas Essay in Malayalam Pdf Download

Christmas Essay in Malayalam

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  • Christmas or Christmas is a holy day according to the Christian calendar.
  • This day commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. December 25 is considered Christmas around the world.
  • But in some Christian churches this celebration is on other days.
  • Christmas is one of the most important Christian holidays in the world.

But in most countries, Christmas has become more than just a religious celebration, it is a celebration that brings joy to everyone. In most places, this day is considered as an opportunity to exchange gifts and renew relationships.

Christmas Essay in Malayalam

There is no clear historical record of the origin of Christmas. The reason for celebrating December 25 as the birthday of Christ is also unknown to historians. The strongest argument is that December 25 has been celebrated as Christmas since the 4th century AD. It is believed that the Roman emperor Constantine, who converted to Christianity, declared December 25 as a public holiday for Christians and pagans in his empire.

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