Latest Cultural Heritage of Bengal Essay in Bengali

Cultural Heritage of Bengal

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Cultural Heritage of Bengal

Introduction: – Culture is the consonantal expression of culture or nation. Throughout the ages of the nation, dreams and pursuits have been created by the accumulation of sesame seeds, the pride of the people, the flow of culture.

His culture is a glorious reflection of the thought, thought and action of the whole nation. Culture is the ultimate consequence of the overall improvement of the nation in all its aspects. Culture is the collective creation of the whole society. Its golden strings resounded with the murmur of the nation’s heartbeat.

True identity of culture: –

Culture is the expression of national vitality. In the costume, in the entertainment of sports, in every moment, he is composing his own diverse culture, creating a spontaneous flow of culture. A nation that has no culture, no evolution, its culture is dead, that nation is also dead. Because the vibrancy of the whole nation is constantly echoed in the culture.

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