Discipline Essay in Nepali 2021 [PDF Free Download]

Discipline Essay in Nepali

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Discipline Essay in Nepali

Discipline is the personality of man. Who is like What does it look like Discipline does the work of making such personality more eloquent if it is identified by his personality. Discipline is therefore a virtue.

Just being a human being with two legs, two hands, two eyes, two ears, nose and mouth is not enough. The true meaning of being human is the humble decency inherent in him. The hallmark of decency is discipline.

Although the word prefix ‘anu’ seems to be common in governance, it literally means to govern and control oneself. To control oneself means to be able to distinguish between good and bad without being attracted to any bad behavior. Behavior that you can do in return is a proper discipline. That is why there is no point in being human without discipline.

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