Earthquake Essay in Odia Pdf Download

Earthquake Essay in Odia

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Earthquake Essay in Odia
Earthquake Essay in Odia

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Earthquake The state of the earth vibrating with its axis is called earthquake or earthquake. Sometimes this situation becomes very frightening. As a result of this, every living being and matter situated above the earth is either destroyed or it reaches a state of annihilation.

It is often heard about Japan that there are frequent earthquakes and they keep on presenting destruction. Because of this people live there in houses made of wood. A similar earthquake occurred many years ago at a place called Kota in undivided India. Along with the city, he had not even allowed the names of thousands of households to remain.

Just a few years back, Garhwal and some parts of Maharashtra were hit by horrific earthquakes. What a leela of nature that she twists the homes of human children and her own children like toys made of clay. Earlier this earthquake occurred in the hilly areas of Garhwal, where it caused a lot of damage.

After a few days there was an earthquake {earthquake essay in odia pdf} again in a part of Maharashtra which had ruined everything there. In Maharashtra, the part of the earth on which the demon of earthquake had spread its feet, there were ruins of nearby houses. The people trapped in those houses had become some untimely waste of time, some had become lame.

A day later, it was read in the news that both the volunteers of the government and non-government voluntary organizations were involved in relief work. These organizations were trying to provide real relief to the victims by treating them with kindness according to their means.

Earthquake Essay in Odia Pdf
Earthquake Essay in Odia Pdf

How terrible the earthquake was, it was understood by seeing the scenes there in Doordarshan. Everything was over in the parts where there was an earthquake. Even the cattle of the plowed farmers were not left.

The milch animals had come to an end. Hundreds of people had died due to the collapse of houses and the explosion of the earth. In this way the laughing-playing world remains deserted.

Everywhere there is a deep void and a death-like silence. Sometimes I wonder how the people of Japan must have lived where such horrific earthquakes keep happening every day.

On January 26, 2001, the whole of India including Gujarat witnessed the havoc of an earthquake. There was heavy loss of life and property in entire Gujarat including Bhuj. On October 8, 2005, the horrific earthquake that struck Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and its adjoining Indian Kashmir, where more than one lakh people were buried in Kaal’s cheeks, millions of people were injured. There was loss of property worth billions of rupees.

Seismologists say that so far no such instrument has been developed, so that it can be known that an earthquake is going to happen in such areas. When an earthquake occurs, only its potential can be measured on the Richter scale.

In Japan, Peru and some states of America, where earthquake tremors are often felt, scientists have built earthquake-resistant houses. The government should formulate an effective policy to start the process of construction of ‘earthquake resistant’ houses even in earthquake proof areas of India.

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