Essay on Flood In English

Essay on Flood In English

Essay on Flood in english Today we are going to write essay on flood in english. This essay is for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and college students. We have written the essay on flood in different word limit so that the students writing the paragraph and essay will not face any problem and they will be able to write about the flood in their examination. Essay on flood in english, essay on flood in english for class 8, essay on flood in english pdf, essay on flood scene in english.

Essay on Flood in english 250 Words

Every day some natural event happens on our earth, but some incidents are so big that they take the form of destruction. One of these natural phenomena is flood.

When a large amount of water accumulates at one place in a short span of time, it is called flood.

There are many forms of flood, it comes due to many different reasons, such as excessive rainfall in one place in a short time, breaking of a dam, rise in water level of rivers or tsunami due to earthquake in sea. Due to which sea water comes to the cities and villages, causing severe destruction.

The water of the flood does not dry up for many days, due to which the life of the place where there has been a flood is completely destroyed, valuable things of that city or village get spoiled.

Many people’s houses collapse due to floods. The crops sown by the farmers in the fields are completely destroyed, due to which they also have to eat and drink.

Many people also die due to floods and there is also economic loss, after the flood waters recede, there is a possibility of an epidemic.

We should make proper arrangements for drainage to avoid floods. The government should also make a concrete policy to avoid floods.

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