Essay On Odisha in Odia Language | Best Ama Rajya Odisha Essay in Odia 2021

Essay On Odisha in Odia Language

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The kingdom of Kalinga was created as part of the ancient Kalinga of the Kalinga in 241 BC. Ashok, the king of Magadha, invaded Kalinga in 241 BC, and the event is recorded in history as the Great Kalinga War.

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The people of Kalinga then resisted sternly, but in the end they lost Ashok’s own description shows how frustrating the war was, how bitter the outcome was, and how dire the outcome was. His Thirteenth Stone Age describes the thrilling horrors of the Kalinga War. Priyadarshan, the beloved king of God, conquered Kalinga in the eighth year of his coronation and won.

Essay On Odisha in Odia Language
Essay On Odisha in Odia Language

One million people were killed in the war. One and a half million people were imprisoned and sent to exile, and almost that number died in the aftermath of the war due to injuries, illnesses or starvation.

But what happened? The defeated Kalinga defeated its winner This was his last war, after which he converted to Buddhism and upheld the values ​​of peace and non-violence.

In the second half of the first century BCE, the ancient kingdom was established under the great patron saint and patron of Jainism, Kharbel. The other great rulers were the Keshari dynasty and the eastern Ganges dynasty who were also great builders.

At one time this vast kingdom extended from the Ganges to Godavari Southeast Asian countries such as Java and Borneo brought a golden age of maritime trade prosperity.

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