Euclid Biography in Odia Language Pdf Download

Euclid Biography in Odia

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BC From 300 BC 250 Euclid is said to be the father of geometry. BC He was born in Alexandria in 300 AD.

There he is. In the next chapter, he presents a wealth of information on geography in the following century BC. The first Telemi Alexandria University was founded in 300. His first professor of mathematics was Euclid at Alexandria University, where he taught for about 20 to 30 years. Here he authored books on elements and other books. He is best known for his book Elements.

Euclid Biography in Odia

The book is divided into 13 sections. The first, second, fourth and sixth sections discuss the lines, the third section increases, and the fifth, sixth, and seventh, the seventh, the eighth, and the ninth sections discuss in-depth education. This is one of the first works he wrote. .

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There are many legends about Emperor Ptolemy and Euclid. Ptolemy had a lot of respect for geometry. But he did not have the patience to teach it. He once asked Yukti, “Is there any shortcut to geometry education other than the help of elements?”

“There is no royal path to geometry,” he added. In this regard, d. “Elements probably belonged to Yugti’s last book,” says Morgan. “He was released this morning; He’s talked to her father and He’s fine. .

Euclid was a great disciple. “He is OK. He then asked, “Has my condition improved since I learned this lesson?” Hearing this, Euclid immediately called a servant and said, “Give this gentleman some money.”

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He can’t study mathematics without making money. ” . In fact, he was a generous, humble, and excellent teacher. All his work was slow. His writings were beautiful and true. For example, “The sum of the two arms of a triangle is greater than that of a third.”

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