What is FASTag? How does Fastag work? How You Get It?

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Fastag is an electronic toll connection technology introduced by the National Highways Authority of India in the year 2014 in India. With the help of this, the payment of toll tax in the toll plaza will be done through digital technology. Before the introduction of fastag, people had to face a lot of problems while paying toll at toll plazas during the journey, but with the introduction of this system, toll payment will be done without stopping at toll plazas. The owner of a four wheeler will have to buy fastag from any bank and install it on his vehicle.

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What is FASTag?

As we have also told you that FASTag is an electronic toll connection technology. Whenever a person passes his four wheeler on the national highway, the government collects toll tax from him. For this, toll plazas have been built on some routes on the highway. Earlier, toll plazas were paid here in the form of cash. For which the vehicles had to stand in the line for a long time and also had to face a lot of problems.

To solve all these problems, the National Highways Authority of India has launched Fastag technology in India. Which has already started from the year 2014. Through FASTag, now people will be able to pay toll tax online without wasting time.

How does Fastag work?

FASTag is a tag in which Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is used. It is installed on the windscreen of a four wheeler. Toll plazas have been built at various places on the national highway in which sensors have been installed. During the journey, as soon as the vehicle is near the toll plaza, the sensors installed at the toll plaza automatically get activated and gets connected to the FASTag installed in the windscreen of the vehicle.

Now the toll plaza is automatically deducted from your account as much as the fee is charged on that toll plaza. In this way, with the help of FASTag, without wasting time at the toll plaza, payment of toll plaza is done without stopping. FASTag is linked to the prepaid account. As soon as the amount runs out from the account, it is recharged again and it has a period of 5 years. After 5 years, again a new FASTag has to be bought from the bank and installed on the vehicle.

What are the benefits of using FASTag?

FASTag is a technology that has brought a lot of convenience to the general public. What are the benefits of using it, these are given below.

What if there is a long line and the time is short?

Long queues of vehicles are often seen at toll plazas for depositing toll tax, due to which the general public takes a lot of time. To solve this problem, the Ministry of Road and Transport has started the FASTag system. By using which there is neither a need to stand in a long line nor there is a need to waste time.

reduction in petrol and diesel

Using FASTag not only saves time, but also saves petrol and diesel of the vehicle.

cashback facility

If we look at the year 2016-17, then in this year fastag has given a cashback of 10% to its users. 7.5% cash back in the year 2017-2018, 5% cash back in the year 2018-2019 and 2.5% cash back till 2019-2020. Whenever a user gets cashback, it is automatically transferred to the user’s account.

SMS facility

As soon as a vehicle passes through a toll plaza, the toll tax amount is deducted from the FASTag account. SMS is received on the registered mobile number as soon as the toll tax is deducted. With the help of this message, the account holder gets to know how much money has been deducted from his account.

Special facility to the people of the village (Monthly Pass)
If a toll plaza comes within 20 km radius of a village, then the driver of that village only needs to pay Rs 275 in a month and can travel throughout the month. To avail this facility, the driver can show his Aadhar card.

Which banks do fastag recharge?

Fastag recharge can be done very easily by any bank through credit card, debit card, RTGS and net banking. At least Rs 100 can be recharged in the FASTag account and a maximum of Rs 1 lakh can be recharged. To open a FASTag account, you have to go to the toll plaza and agency inside the Point of Sale (POS) and from there you have to take a FASTag sticker and paste it on your vehicle.

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If a person does not know the point of sale near him, then it can be found by knowing on the official website of National Highways Authority of India. Currently, only ICICI Bank and Axis Bank come under POS. Fastag recharge can be done from these banks.

  1. SBI Bank
  2. ICICI Bank
  3. Axis Bank
  4. HDFC bank
  5. Punjab National Bank
  6. Syndicate Bank
  7. Paytm
  8. Karur Vyas Bank
  9. HDFC Bank

What are the documents required to open a FASTag account?

The following documents are required to open a FASTag account. It is difficult to open a fastag account without them.

  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Vehicle owner passport photo
  • KYC documents of the vehicle owner and any document bearing the home address.

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