Flaxseed in Odia~Meaning, Benefits, Ayurvedic Uses

Flaxseed in Odia

Flaxseed in odia, flax seeds in orissa, flax meaning in odia, flaxseed oil in odia, alasi meaning in odia. Basically flaxseed meaning in odia is Alasi or Pesi. Most of the eastern Odisha people locally call it Peshi, otherwise overall in odisha known it as Alasi.

Flaxseed in Odia

The benefits of flaxseeds are so amazing that not everyone knows about them. flaxseeds is beneficial for different parts of the body. Aloe vera is rich in vitamin B, antioxidants and omega-3s.

Flax Meaning in Odia

There are many benefits to including flaxseeds in your diet every day. It is also good for the internal organs of the body, starting with the skin of the body. It can cure many diseases.

Flaxseed Oil in Odia

  • For diabetics, flaxseeds acts as a cure. Its antioxidants also lower blood sugar levels and those who eat it every day are less likely to develop diabetes.

Alasi Meaning in Odia

  • People who have skin problems should eat flaxseeds every day. The result is moisturized and radiant skin. Bacteria in the skin also die.

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