Gautam Buddha Story in Odia {New Odia Buddha Kahani & Story}

Gautam Buddha Story in Odia

Gautam buddha story in odia we are going to publish for readers. All can read best odia buddha kahani at so lets starts. Gautama Buddha (born 563 BC – Nirvana 483 BC) was a Shramana on whose teachings Buddhism became popular. … After years of hard practice, he attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya (Bihar) and became Lord Buddha from Siddhartha Gautama.

The childwood name of gautam buddha was sidharth. He was a prince. How was the journey of siddhart to buddha is main topic of our gautam buddha story in odia.

Gautam buddha story in odia, Gautam buddha life story in odia
Gautam Buddha Story in Odia

New Odia Buddha Kahani

A lot incredible men have been brought into the world on the heavenly place that is known for India, who, on the strength of their demonstrations and standards, have uncovered the secret privileged insights inside human existence. One of them is Mahatma Gautam Buddha. Who was brought into the world in a Royal family and contacted that tallness of otherworldliness where it’s anything but workable for any normal individual to reach.

Odia Buddha Kahani, Odia Buddha Story, Gautam Buddha Kahani Odia
Odia Buddha Kahani

The way displayed by a particularly incredible man was acknowledged by individuals as a religion, because of which Buddhism was acknowledged as a significant religion in all significant nations including India. So here you can peruse the real story of Gautam Buddha in Odia.

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