Shortest Ghost Stories in Hindi {Anjaani Rooh}

Ghost Stories in Hindi

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Nitin studied in the fifth class. His father had a government job, so he lived with his family in a quarter built by the government. In that Quarters Complex, there was a parking space between the two houses and there was a small open space in the middle of the building opposite to each other. There was nothing else around that complex.

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One day Nitin was playing hide and seek with his friends in the evening. To hide, Nitin along with his friend Sujal goes to the garage of another quarter, a little away from their quarters and both of them sit and hide there.

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It was too late but no one came to find Nitin and Sujal there. Hiding downstairs, Nitin saw a face looking at him from above the roof of the front quarter. But the matter was such that all the quarters in that complex were two-storeyed and there was no ladder to go up to the terrace in any of the quarters.

Nitin was thinking that how can a person go to that terrace without a ladder! Because it was not possible to go there even during the day, so it was not so easy to go to that terrace in the dark of night.
Nitin also noticed that that face was staring at him continuously. But due to night, who was he and whose face he was, Nitin could not see that.

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