Global Warming Essay in Odia [PDF]

Global Warming Essay in Odia

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Global warming essay in odia: Global warming is a continuous increase in the temperature of the earth’s surface due to the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment.

Global warming is a big problem for all the countries of the world, which should be solved with a positive start. The rising temperature of the earth gives rise to various apprehensions (hazards), as well as creates a crisis for the existence of life on this planet. It causes gradual and permanent changes in the Earth’s climate and this affects the balance of nature.

global warming essay in odia
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Harmful effect of carbon dioxide (CO2) on the atmosphere

Due to increase in CO2 on earth, continuous increase of heat waves, hot waves, sudden occurrence of strong storms, unexpected and unwanted cyclones, damage to ozone layer, floods, heavy rains, drought, lack of food, disease and death etc. Human life impact to a large extent. Due to the exploitation of fossil fuels, use of fertilizers, cutting of forests, excessive consumption of electricity, gas used in refrigerators, etc., there is excessive emission of CO2 in the atmosphere. According to the data, if the ever-increasing CO2 emissions are not controlled, then it is feared that there will be a big jump in global warming by 2020, which can have a bad effect on the environment.

global meaning in odia, global warming essay in odia pdf download

The increase in CO2 levels is a factor in the “greenhouse gas effect”, in which all greenhouse gases (water vapor, CO2, methane, ozone) absorb thermal radiation, radiate in all directions and return to the Earth’s surface. Due to which the increase in surface temperature becomes the main cause of global warming.

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The threat to life is increasing due to the effects of global warming. We should give up bad habits forever because it is increasing the level of CO2 and the temperature of the earth is increasing due to the effect of greenhouse gas. We should stop indiscriminate felling of trees, reduce the use of electricity, stop burning of wood etc.

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