Godabarish Mishra Biography in Odia PDF Download

Godabarish Mishra Biography in Odia

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Godavarisha Mishra is one of the great nationalist great thinkers who influenced the social, political, cultural and literary spheres of Odisha in the early part of the twentieth century. He was born on October 18, 24 in Srinivasan, Banpur. After Godavari’s pilgrimage, his parents named him “Godavari” because he had gained a son. Later, when the devotee Madhusudan visited Godavarisha’s school, he was surprised to hear his name. He called Godavari a female name and suggested adding “sha” to it. That’s what happened.

When Utkalmani came in contact with Gopabandhu in his youth, his behavior changed dramatically. Inspired by Gopbandhu, he took up the service as the main vow of life and served as a lifelong public servant.

Godabarish Mishra Biography in Odia

Gandhi and Subhash were both his role models. He took the oath of allegiance on the banks of the Vargabi River, along with the chief of the Nilakantha, Acharya Harihar, to build Odisha. His teaching career began at Satyavadi Forest School. He was an ideal teacher. He had a deep knowledge of English language and literature.

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