Gopabandhu Das Poems In Odia Pdf | Gopabandhu Das Books Pdf

Gopabandhu Das Poems In Odia

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Gopabandhu Das Poems In Odia Pdf | Gopabandhu Das Books Pdf


Utkalmani Gopabandhu das is one of the best peroson in the odisha all time. Because he was the great socialist, poet, and freedomfighter. There are very few people who are always worried about the plight of the people. Gopabandhu was one of those born. His heart was always crying for the poor and needy people. This Odisha has endured a lot. Natural disasters such as famine, floods and storms have always tried to destroy Odisha. But great people like Gopabandhu were born to understand the plight of the people of Odisha.

Gopabandhu das photoWhose souls are always anxious for the poor people. He was also at the forefront of the freedom stragglers. His efforts to liberate the country from the clutches of foreign Britishers have always been fruitless. He also has to face imprisonment. While in prison, he wrote many poems. The poems that later became the size of the book. The following is a list of all the books written by gobpabandhu das. Which you can read.

Books Name Download
Abakasa Chinta Click
Utkalmani Gopabandhu das biography Click
Bakula banara Guru Click
Go Mahatmya Click
Dharmapada Click

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