Gopabandhu Das: Why He Is The Unforgettable Freedom Fighter Of Odisha

Gopabandhu Das

Utkal Mani Gopbandhu Das. He is known as a freedom fighter, poet, and writer. Gopbandhu Das was the founder of the daily Khabar Kagaj Samaj and Satyavadi magazine. Pandit Gopbandhu Das was born on October 9, 17 in the village of Suando in Puri district as the son of his father Daitari Das and his mother Swarnamayee Devi.

After his mother’s death, he enrolled in Puri district school in 1933. There he met his guru Muktiar Ramchandra Das, after whom he was educated in the service of the country. By forming the Puri Seva Samiti, he risked his life to engage with his colleagues in patient care, sanitation and cremation.

Gopabandhu Das, Gopabandhu Das: Why He Is The Unforgettable Freedom Fighter Of Odisha
Gopabandhu Das

Gopbandhu was married to Apati Devi when he was only 12 years old. Even after the marriage, he continued to study. After graduating from Puri, he studied at Ravensa College, Cuttack. It was at this time that his father died. During his study in Cuttack, the movement against the extinction of the Oriya language began.

Gopbandhu formed the “Duty Bodhini Samiti” and strongly protested the extinction of the Oriya language. Language is the heartbeat of the nation. The first session of the Utkal Conference was held in Rambha at the initiative of Ramchandra Das and Gopbandhu.

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Why Gopabandhu Das is Unforgettable Freedom Fighter Of Odisha?

In 1903, Gopbandhu took an active part in the Utkal Conference convened by Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das. At this point, her first son died. Despite these setbacks, he graduated from Ravensa College in 1908 and studied B.L. in Calcutta.

10 Lines About Gopabandhu Das
10 Lines About Gopabandhu Das

There, distressed by the plight of the expatriate Oriyas, he established the ‘Oriya Workers’ Union’ and the ‘Evening School’. Meanwhile, her second son also died. He even received news of his wife’s death on the day he received his B.L. “She was released this morning; she’s talked to her father and she’s fine.

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He was one of the five leaders of the modern era. By the decision of the devotee poet Madhusudan Rao, Gopbandhu established the Satyavadi Forest School in Bakul and Churiana Kunj of Sakshigopala. The school was run by the National Independence Movement at the time. He was engaged in human service, distributing bread and rice to the affected areas.

At the instigation of Utkal Gaurab Madhusudan Das, Gopbandhu was elected a member of the Bihar-Odisha Legislative Assembly from 1917 to 1921. In 1921, Gopbandhu Das became the first chairman of the Odisha Pradesh Congress Committee.

Gopabandhu Das’s¬†Literature Contribution

Some of Gopbandhu’s literary creations: –

  • Dharmapada

  • Varghabi Prati

  • Gomahatmya

  • Brahmatatwa

  • Bandi ra atmakatha

  • Karakabita

  • Abakasha Chinta

  • Devdatta Rath

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