Great Saint Kabirdas Biography

Great Saint Kabirdas Biography

Who does not know about the great poet Kabir Das ji? This was the poet and social reformer of India, the name of Kabir Das means greatness. Jai is one of the greatest poets of India whenever Sanskrit language and religion remains in discussion in India. So first of all the name of Kabir Das ji and his couplets are placed in front of us.

The great poet Kabir Das was born in the year 1440. He was a scholar of Hindi literature but no information is clear about his parents. It is believed that he was brought up in a very poor family and this family was a Muslim family. Kabir Das ji was of a very religious nature and later he became a great monk, some people say. That his father’s name was Neeru and mother’s name was Neema, he was a resident of Kashi, Uttar Pradesh, but this is where he was born, his wife’s name was Loi, from whom he had 1 son and a daughter, son’s name was Kamal and daughter’s The name was Kamali, the tax place of the great poet Kabir Das ji was Banaras Kashi.

Keep the cynics close, make the courtyard huts.
Make it clean without soap, without water.

Meaning: Kabir Das ji says that blasphemy should always keep people who do evils of others with you, because if such people stay with you then they will keep telling you your evils and you can easily rectify your mistakes. That is why Kabir ji has said that cynics make a person’s nature cold.

No one is aware of where the great poet Kabir Das ji got his education initiation. Anyway, by guessing they show their place, the great poet Kabir Das ji had knowledge of many languages. He used to travel from place to place with many sages and saints. So he had knowledge of many languages. Along with this, Kabir Das used to put his thoughts and experiences in front of the people in the form of local language and tried to make them aware. Kabir Das had told the place of Guru as higher than the place of God because Guru is also such a person. It is the means through which we get to know about God. Kabir Das has compared the Guru to a potter, who beats the clay like his disciples and turns it into the shape of a vessel. And one of the selfless people, he was never afraid to tell the harsh truth.

Guru Gobind Dou Khade, Kake Lagoon Paye.
Balihari Guru Aapne, Govind Diyo Milay.

Meaning: Kabir Das ji says in this couplet that if both Guru and God are standing together in front of us, whose feet will you touch? The Guru has told us the way to meet God only with his knowledge, so the glory of the Guru is above God and we should touch the feet of the Guru.

Kabir Das ji lived his whole life in Kashi, but in his last moment he went to Magahar, people of that time felt that those who die in Magahar get hell. And the one who died in Kashi Banaras attains heaven and to break this belief he went to Magahar where he died after staying for some time but there is so much power in the words spoken by him. That today the whole world runs on his ideals and I salute the great poet Kabir Das ji with such great thoughts.

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