[Download] Hetu Udaya Bhagabata Book Pdf Download 2021

Hetu Udaya Bhagabata

Hetu udaya bhagabata, jasobanta das panchasakha, panchasakha wikipedia, sishu ananta malika. Sishu Ananta das the devotee poetric person well known in Odisha. He write this book called hetu udaya bhagabata pdf. You can read this book online or download it as your reqirement.

Hetu Udaya Bhagabata
Hetu Udaya Bhagabata Pdf Download

Shishu Anant Das (birth name Anant Das) was a great Oriya-born seeker and devotee of the Oriya language and was one of the authors of the Puranas in Oriya. He composed many devotional poems.

The great man Ananta Das is one of the Panchasakhas. Along with Jagannath, Balarama, Achyut, and Yashwant, Eternal was a patron saint of Utkaliya Vaishnavism, based on yoga.

Shishu Anant’s father is Kapil Mohanty and his mother is Gauri. He was born in Balipatna. According to researcher Suryanarayana Das, the story of the birth of Achuthanandan, born on the 14th day of the 25th century AD, dates to the 25th day of the reign of the infant Anant Purushottam Dev. In other words, the eternal slave was born in 182 AD.

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