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How To Invest in Stock Market

How To Invest in Stock Market? As you are new in stock market and want to invest, then this post (invest kaise kare in hindi in stock market) is going to help you a lot.

Wishing money is not as difficult as investing it. We are human nature that he wants to collect more and more wealth.

Earns more money to collect money. But where to keep these earned money so that its value is not reduced?

If you keep it in the house, then the rate of theft will hurt, if you hide it inside the ground, then the termites will eat it.

If given to someone on interest, there is no guarantee of getting it back.

How To Invest in Stock Market
How To Invest in Stock Market

But is there any other option in which we can get more of our money. Yes, it is such that there are many schemes where it is promised to increase your money.

Like having a fixed deposit in the bank or buy gold or buy land, but at what rate will they return your money?

And are they safe?

You must be thinking that your money is safe in the bank but it is not so, there are big scams in the bank too.

Due to which the money of people like you and me is lost. Let’s assume that even if your money is not drowned in the bank, you should have some profit, right?

The bank can give you a maximum of 5%, but you can imagine how much your capital will increase by 5% annually?
In such a situation, how will you be able to create wealth.
Now let us tell you that if you put this money in the stock market, then how much return will you get, that means if you invest 1000 then how much will you get back?

There is no limit to profit in the stock market. Your 1000 may increase to 10000 with time, but are you ready to give that much time?

Do not be afraid, let us know how we can earn more and more money in the stock market and how we can invest.

You can save 500 of the month in today’s era, let’s start investing this 500 rupees in the market.

And it is believed that every month you are able to earn not more than 2% from the market. Don’t think this 2% is small, just look ahead, the wonder of this 2%.

Compound interest of 2% comes out every month.

At the rate of two percent per month, your total money will be 6000 and you will get an interest of Rs 840.
Add return –
This is only for one year, if you do this for 10 years, then the amount will increase so much that you cannot even imagine.

Compounding is also called the eighth wonder of the world.
In the time of rising inflation, a common man spends 1000 a day. Accordingly, the month became 30,000, and the year 3,60,000.

After 20-30 years from today, this expenditure will increase to 10 lakhs annually. The inflation rate is increasing so fast that if you do not have 10-20 crores in your old age, then your life after retirement is going to be difficult. Yes, you are reading right, we are not scared, I am warning about the time to come.

The cost of your children’s education, marriage, treatment, all these are getting more expensive day by day. In such a situation, it is necessary not to let the money remain empty, put them to work.

According to a rule, people should invest 20% of their earnings, we call it the Golden Saving Rule.

What is the Golden Rule for Investing?

According to this rule, you divide your earnings into 50-30-20 parts.

To invest in the stock market, you need a Demat acccount. Shares are kept in Demat account. Just like you have an account in a bank, in which you keep money, in the same way you keep shares in DEMAT account. The full form of Demat is Dematerialised Account. When the stock market became online, it became necessary to keep a Demat Account. Earlier, buying and selling of shares was done by printing it on paper. If the paper is damaged then you will not have any proof that you are the owner of the share, or even say that you can declare yourself as a new shareholder. Demat account was made mandatory to overcome this problem in the stock market.

There is no limit to earn money in the stock market, here you will neither be asked your caste nor your color. You just need to understand how share market works and you should have a phone. If both these things are there then you are ready to invest in the stock market.

What is Wealth?

Invest in some such assets in easy language which will give you benefits in return. Create Wealth in Stock Market.

To create wealth in the stock market, you need :-

  • Vision
  • Patience
  • Risk capacity

By vision, I mean thinking far away, what is going to happen next.
Patience means patience, you cannot become Aamir in one night but it will definitely become with time.

Risk Capacity If you have seen Sakaam 1992 then you must have heard this dailogue “risk hai to ishq hai”,

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Meaning to do something big, you have to take risk.

How to invest in stock market? ( how to invest in stock market in hindi)


Open Demat Account

To buy and sell shares of any company in the stock market, you need to have a trading account as much as you take money, for the bank account, your purchased shares are kept in the Demat account.

How to invest in stock market

Requirements for opening a Demat account –

  • Bank account
  • Pan card
  • Aadhar card

We would personally advise you to open an account in Zerodha or Upstox because I do that too. It is very easy to use its platform.

You must be thinking why these two?

This is due to the following reasons –

  • This is a discount broker, that means the charge is the most important for them.
  • These are the top two broking firms in India
  • You can earn more money in most work
  • Their customer support and feedback is also very good.
  • Start with small capital

When it comes to investing, first of all capital means how much capital will be required. So let me tell you that when we started in the market, we started with Rs 500/- month.

As you are new to the market, I would advise you to start with a small amount. Suppose you have big capital but once you understand the market then you will invest your capital.

It is most important in the stock market that you have your capital with you, otherwise you will not be able to earn anything.

Think of long time –

As it is being talked about in this post, how to invest in share market? So investment means creating wealth.

If you want to stay in the share market for a long time, then do a long term plan. While buying the share, buy it with the thought that I can keep it for 5-10 years.

You cannot invest your money anywhere, first know about the company and then invest.

Create a portfolio by diversifying –

Portfolio means to buy shares of different companies without putting all their capital in one company’s share. But what about it? No, you will buy shares of different sectors like

  1. Metals
  2. Petrol
  3. Technology
  4. Finance
  5. Bank
  6. Pharma

What are the benefits of Diversify?

As you are aware that the corona period is going on in which every person is wishing for his healthy life. All six ensure that their health is fine, for which they are taking supplements of vitamins, energy boosters.

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People suffering from corona need medicine, so that there is a lot of demand with the medicine company. Due to this increasing demand, their profit is also increasing.

One thing was very popular during the Corona period, work from home, how do you think about this??

Which sector will benefit from work from home?

IT sector – infosys, wipro , jio, hcltech, techmahindra….

Let us assume that you have invested Rs 50,000 in a company. If for some reason that company suffers, do you think that your money will remain the same?

No, that’s why you need to do diversification.

Anytime you invest, you will get to see both profit or loss, but if you invest your money in different places, then if your money works in one place, then it will increase in another place. That’s why you think that I have to invest 50 thousand in 10 good companies and not complete in one.

Even if 4 out of 10 companies get sunk, then the remaining 6 companies will increase so much that you will only make profit.


After reading the whole post, we understand that –

  • With the right information, we will buy the stock.
  • Risk, Patience and Premise.
  • Getting started with little money
  • Learn something every day

In the end, I hope that you must have understood well investing in stock market, if you have any question then ask in the comment below.

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