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Jadumani Mahapatra Books

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Jadumani Mahapatra Books, Jadumani mahapatra poems in odia pdf download

Book Name Download Publishing Year
Jadumani Granthabali Click 1965
Jadu maninka maujia kahani Click 1985
jadu mani nka jaadu mani Click 1990
Jadumani rahasya pdf Click 2000
Raghaba Bilasa Click N/A

Who is jadumani mahapatra?

Jadumani Mahaatra is an Indian literature poet belongs from Odisha.

Which books Jadumani mahapatra write?

Jadumani rahasya and raghaba bilasa two are their very very famous book overall India. This book also published in 18 different types of languages.

Odisha is the birthplace of poets. Many poets have been born here and have shown their prowess in the courts of the world because of their poetic style. Jadumani Mohapatra, one of the great poets of the world, was a worthy child of the soil of Odisha. He won the hearts of the readers with the humor of his poetry. Here is a pdf of some of his books that you can download.

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