Best Jagannath Das Biography in Odia 2021 || Biography Of Jagannath Das in Odia

Jagannath Das Biography in Odia

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Biography of jagannath das in odia, Jagannath Das Biography in Odia

Jagannath Das is an immortal creator in Oriya literature. Jagannath Das’s Oriya Bhagavata is a great contribution to the Oriya nation. His Bhagavad Gita is well-known in Odisha. At the same time, he was a preacher, social reformer, supreme Vaishnava and great poet. Her father’s name is Bhagwan and her mother’s name is Padmavati Devi. From an early age, Jagannath Das had a strong sense of devotion.

He was very interested in the Sanskrit language. His initiator was Balaram Das. He left home at the age of 14, motivated by devotion to God. King Kapilendradev arranged the daily Bhagavata recitation at the temple. At first Jagannath’s father, Bhagwan, was reciting Bhagavata, and later Jagannath was appointed. At that time Bhagavata was recited in Sanskrit; Which the devotees could not easily comprehend.

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Thinking about changing this tradition, he maintained the originality of the Sanskrit Bhagavata and translated it into Oriya in a very simple and straightforward manner. Which was later popularized at home. Seeing Jagannath Das’s scholarship and poetic talent, Chaitanya referred to him as “Atibadi”. Jagannath Das had close ties with the Utkal Vaishnavites, such as Balarama, Achutananda, Yashwant and Shishu Ananta.

In the history of Oriya literature, these five seekers have been called the Panchasakhas. Apart from Oriya Bhagavatam, some of Jagannath Das’s other well-known compositions are Tulavina, Artha Koili, Darubrahma Gita, Mriguni Stuti, Gaj Stuti, Dutibodha, Kshetravar Chautisha, Gupta Bhagavat, Radha Manjari, Shol Chaupadi, Pashanda Dalan, Manashiksha, Jasranakshika Gundichabije, Satsang and Srinamachandrika.

He also composed the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. He has written many books to convey the devotion in the hearts of people of every class. Since he was born in Radhasthami, wreaths are being laid at his statue during the Kapileswarpur administration of his hometown. There is even a seminar on behalf of the Odisha Sahitya Akademi at the shrine. This year, however, the Odisha Sahitya Akademi has organized a virtual seminar due to the Karona cut.

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