Jautuka Pratha Odia Essay | Odia Essay On Dowry System

Jautuka Pratha Odia Essay

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Odia Essay On Dowry System

Essay on Dowry System in English : Dowry refers to the gifts which are given by a father or guardian to his daughter at the time of her marriage. In ancient times, it was given as a kind of assistance to newlyweds to set up their own home.

Most of the people are following the dowry system even these days. Which is now being done by giving domestic goods instead of cash. Because the Indian government has banned the practice of tahej.

Jautuka Pratha Odia Essay, Odia Essay On Dowry System
Jautuka Pratha Odia Essay

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Those gifts were given voluntarily and under pressure without any demand. About a hundred years ago, there was a custom that the future wife used to present gifts to the father of her future groom. But now this custom has been transformed into the Dajeh system due to the ill-thoughts of many people.

The bride’s parents have to give gifts to the groom and his parents. As such, it is known as dowry.

Now, this practice has become a social evil. It has become very difficult to get a girl married without dowry. Now this practice is becoming the cause of many evils in a society. Dowry system is one of the biggest social evils these days in which hundreds of innocent women have lost their lives.

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