Jawaharlal Nehru Biography in Odia 2022 Download

Jawaharlal Nehru Biography in Odia

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Today’s child, the future of tomorrow. So from now on, Uncle has promised to be responsible for the baby. Since then, Uncle Nehru’s birthday has been celebrated as Children’s Day across the country. Children’s Day is celebrated in every educational institution, especially across the country.

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This day teaches children to be responsible for building a good society by remembering history. It is also a message to the elders that a child’s safety is the key to a healthy society. His father’s name was Motilal Nehru and his mother was Swaruparani.

He was the first Prime Minister of independent India to be crowned. He was the Prime Minister of the country from August 15 to May 14. His father, Motilal Nehru, hired several local and foreign teachers at home for his studies.

Among them was European teacher T Brooks. Nehru was deeply moved by him, and inspired him to pursue philosophy, science, history, and literature. He later attended Harrow School in London and Trinity College in Cambridge.

Jawaharlal Nehru Biography in Odia
Jawaharlal Nehru Biography in Odia Pdf Download

Nehru also studied law in London. From time to time he was inspired by Gandhi’s ideals and joined the independence movement. Later, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Prime Minister of independent India. He was born to a Kashmiri Pandit family and is known as a Pandit Pandit. His books are “The Discovery of India”, “Glimpses of World History”,

Letters from a Father to His Father” and his autobiography Freedoms of the World. Pandit Nehru died of a heart attack on May 14. Even in this mortal realm, deities have to die. But the legendary man will always be remembered through his fame. The country will remember his uncle on Children’s Day as long as he is on earth.

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