Johnny Sins Biography

Johnny Sins Biography

Johnny Sins Biography, Johnny Sins Biography Pdf Download, Johnny Sins Biography in English. Johnny Sins Biography : Johnny Sins is a famous Hollywood porn film actor and model. Johnny Sins is included in the top 10 male pornstars in the world. He is very active on Instagram and Twitter with his wife Kisa.

Johnny Sins Biography

  • Name – Steve Wolfe
  • Nickname – Johnny
  • Born – 31 December 1978 (Age 42 Years)
  • Place of Birth – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Nationality – American
  • Occupation – Porn Star Actor
  • Hobbies – Exercising, Running, Mountain biking, Hiking, Yoga favorite things
  • Favorite Porn Actor – Manuel Ferrara and Rocco Siffredi
  • Favorite Porn Actress – Jaden James
  • Favorite Singer – Rihanna

Johnny Sins comes from a very simple family in Pennsylvania. His father used to do double shifts. At the end of school, Johnny became obsessed with making a body. After college was over, he went to the field of construction. But not deposited.

In early 2017, Wolfe and actress Kissa Sins launched their own YouTube channel, Sins TV, which chronicles their daily lives and gives sex advice. Till date, the channel has accumulated over half a million subscribers. A video of Wolfe trying out various Turkish snacks briefly became the top YouTube video in Turkey.

Interesting facts about Johnny Sins

  • BGG (Boy Girl Girl) is Johnny’s favorite category. He likes to romance two girls more than one. Well, who wouldn’t like this?
  • Before coming to the porn industry, he used to be a construction worker, then once a girl asked him to come to the porn industry. After this his life changed by 360 degrees.
  • In his free time, Johnny likes to do outdoor fitness activities like running, cycling, swimming. That’s why they have perfect six pack abs, which girls are obsessed with.
  • Johnny Sins’s wife is Kissa Sins. He loves her very much. If you want, you can also see his love in his porn movies.
  • Johnny Sins, who is doing the dream job of many people, earns more than $ 5,000 from a film.
  • Although Johnny has worked with countless girls in porn films, he enjoys working with Jaden James the most.
  • Since childhood, Johnny liked to watch porn. He even insisted on buying a computer from his father only to watch porn.
  • Johnny likes Rihanna, the famous singer. He wants to work with them.
  • Popular porn star Manuel Ferrara was the role model of Johnny Sins. It is very important to have a guru to be successful.
  • You might not believe this thing, but Johnny Sins used to be very shy in his childhood. But he was still very popular among girls.

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