Kalidas Biography in Odia | Kalidas Story in Odia

Kalidas Biography in Odia

kalidas biography in odia, kalidas story in odia, About kalidas in odia, odia bhajan kalidas.

Kalidas biography in odia, kalidas story in odia, About kalidas in odia, odia bhajan kalidas
Kalidas biography in odia

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Biography of the great poet Kalidas in Odia:

Kalidas is a great poet who has written many wonderful poems and plays. The works written by the great poet Kalidas are quite famous in India as well as all over the world. Kalidas was also one of the nine gems of King Vikramaditya and had the status of chief poet of Vikramaditya’s court.

Kalidas has written many poems and plays in his life. Most of the plays and poems written by him were mainly based on Vedas, Mahabharata and Puranas.

Not much information is available about the life of Kalidas, but it is said that he wrote his plays and compositions during the 4th-5th century BC. Let us know the biography of the great poet Kalidas- (Kalidas Biography in Odia)

  • Full name – Kalidas
  • Date of Birth – Between 1st and 3rd century BCE
  • Wife’s name – Princess Vidyottama
  • Profession – Sanskrit poet, playwright and one of the Navaratnas in the court of Vikramaditya
  • Title – great poet
  • Dramas and compositions – Abhigyan Shakuntalam, Vikramovshiryam Malavikagnimitram, Uttar Kalamritam, Shrutabodham, Shringar Tilakam, Shringar Rasashtam, Setukavyam, Karpoormanjari, Pushpaban Vilasam, Shyama Dandakam, Jyotirvidyabharanam etc.


Information about the birth and family of Kalidas

The exact information about when the great poet Kalidas was born and in which part of India is not available, but it is said that this great poet of our country was born from 1st to 3rd century BC. happened during. While his birth place has been considered by many scholars to be Ujjain, many scholars say that his birth place is Uttarakhand.

kalidas story in odia, kalidas biography in odia

The information about who were the parents of the great poet Kalidas and what was their name is also not available. His wife’s name is said to be Vidyottama and it is said that Kalidas’s wife was a princess.

When Kalidasa was married to Vidyottama, Vidyotma did not know that Kalidasa was illiterate. But one day when Vidyotma came to know about Kalidas being illiterate, he threw Kalidas out of the house and asked Kalidas to return home only after becoming a scholar. After which Kalidas acquired education and became a great poet and playwright.

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