Kamini~odia horror story pdf~Darkodisha

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Kamini an odia horror story pdf published by dark odisha. horror story in odia language, odia horror story radio chocolate, odia horror story kahani.

Kamini odia horror story pdf
Kamini odia horror story pdf

Kamini~odia horror story pdf~Darkodisha

Odia horror story pdf: Sitanath Babu has been the new postmaster general in Cuttack. He had most of the post offices under Cuttack district. For some time now, he has been receiving complaints from the people of Durjanpur in Badamba area that there is no work at the post office there.

The postmaster, who was there for 7 days a month, was on leave for 10 days. Since many people in the countryside have relied on the post office, the only hope for the people is to keep the money, withdraw the fixed deposit, the letter, and so on. Sitanath Babu will be working as a deputy at the Durjanpur post office for a few days until a new postmaster is appointed to Durjanpur.

After receiving a formal letter from the government, he left for Durjanpur. After a three-hour bus ride, he arrived at the bus stand. Asked by the people, he understood that the village of Durjanpur, about 10 km from there, had no means to get anywhere.

After sitting in the bus stand for a while, a man came and greeted him and said, “Ajna, are you Sitanath Mohanty or not? Before Sitanath Babu’s consent, the man picked up Sitanath Babu’s two bags with both hands and said, “I have already heard from the Cuttack office that you are coming with me today.”

My name is Pitambar Sahu and I am the only employee of the Durjanpur Post Office. All your accommodation and meals are arranged in our village post office.

Sitanath Babu asked “Well how did you recognize me at the bus stand”? “There was no doubt that you were the only one in our village bus stand wearing a clean suit,” Pitambar said.

I know all the people in our village, so it was not difficult for me to find you. ” Sitanath Babu smiled a little and said, “Pitambar, how can we go to your village now?”

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The father immediately pointed to his bicycle and said, “I don’t see how I got my car ready to pick you up.” Sitanath Babu smiled when he heard the empty car.

“You laughed that everyone in our village called it a zero-sum vehicle,” Pitambar said. Sit back and i’ll take you carefully and leave you at the post office.

With that, Pitambar hung two bags on his bicycle handle and asked Sitanath Babu to sit on his bicycle. Sitanath Babu finds it a little difficult to sit behind him as he pedals on the Pitambar bike. But there is no other way.


After some walking, the dirt road fell. Big bumps in the road. Are there any large rocks in one place? Sitanath Babu, who is sitting in the back, is in great pain. He told Pitambar, “How long will it take for the road to go about three-quarters of a mile?”

Sitanath Babu said, “So stay still and we will walk that long way.” Hearing Sitanath Babu’s words, Pitambar got off his bicycle and started rolling. Sitanath Babu asked him, “How long have you been in this post office?”

“I’m here for my father’s matriculation, and after my father’s death, I’m in my father’s post,” he said. I’ve been here for about 15 years. ” Sitanath Babu asked again, “Why is there no postmaster here?

“Anyone who lives here doesn’t come to the post office regularly, which is why I was sent here on deputation.” Why is this happening? The father paused for a moment and asked, “Sarah, who else is in your family?” Sitanath Babu said, “My family says I have been alone with my wife for the past two years.

And my parents never left. I was left with only one father, and I said, “So, man, you will keep a little watch here.” Sitanath Babu asked “why”? This time, Pitambar’s voice became a little more serious, and he said, “Sir, there is an empty road on the way to our post office, and no one usually comes through that much.”


About five years later, a 20/21 year old girl named Kamini was raped, beaten and thrown away by two baskets in our village. A few days after he died, the body of a basket was found in the same spot.

Kamini’s immortal soul killed her and hung her on a tree. People say that Kamini sits on the street crying at night. Many times the villagers have brought in Gunia and Tantriks to take him out and recite the puja, but Kamini has not left the place and has not left the deposit, and as a result no postmaster is persuaded to come here and whoever is coming is leaving after a few days.

I warn you from now on that you will leave the post office and return to the post office at 4 o’clock. It’s been a while since i’ve seen her violence.

“That’s why no one else is coming and going on the streets in the evening.” Sitanath Babu laughed when he heard all this from his grandfather and said, “In this day and age, you believe in these demonic things.

“Hoo Hoo, the dirt road is over. This time you sit behind me. I’m cycling.” With that said, Sitanath Babu rode his own bike and sat behind Pitambar about an hour and a half later and they went and reached the post office of Durjanpur village.

Sitanath Babu did not go to the post office that day and rested in Dak Bangla. The next day, Sitanath Babu took charge of the post office.

Within a few days, Sitanath Babu was recognized by everyone in the village. He was also praised for his work because he was an authoritarian. He had to go to the post office on time and close

Three days work. In the meantime, he used to come and go along the road he had heard from his grandfather and other villagers, but he had never had any problems.

It’s been four months since the rainy season. The village road is covered in mud. That day was Saturday and the date of the new moon. Since Monday was a day off, Sitanath Babu wanted all the work to be done properly because there would be two days off. It was a little too late for work that day, and Peter had not been to the Hellenic Post Office for two days.

It was about 9 o’clock in the morning when all the work was done and the post office was closed and Sitanath Babu took his bicycle and went to Dak Bangla when there was a cloud. The sounds of animals like frogs, frogs, etc.

Make the environment even more terrifying. The line at the post office has not been in the evening. Sitanath Babu took out the nearby battery torch and slowly moved forward, riding a bicycle. It’s raining in the dark, but he’s still chanting the Great Death Mantra. The post office is about 5 km from the post office.

A short distance later, the road on which Kamini died. He wants to ride a bicycle, but on a rainy, muddy road, it’s impossible. Suddenly he felt as if someone was following him.

He could hear the sound of a woman walking, so he braked his bike and stayed for a while. This time the sound of him walking was also muted.

Sitanath Babu started cycling again. And the sound of him walking this time sounds much clearer to him. It was as if someone was trying to grab the back of his bicycle. Frightened, Sitanath Babu chanted the great death mantra loudly.

It was as if the word had disappeared. As he rode his bicycle, he noticed a woman crying. Sitanath Babu mustered all the courage and said, “Whoever is here, I have heard all about you from the villagers and from Pitambar.

Why do you stay here and harass people? Is it your wish?” Seeing that Sitanath Babu had said so much, he saw a bright light in a hut on the side of the road on the other side of the road. He felt like someone was taking him there.

When Sitanath Babu reached the hut, he could hear a roar. As soon as he entered the hut, the light went out as soon as he entered, but the roar became louder. It’s as if someone’s neck is being slammed shut when Sitanath Babu hits the torch.


But Pitambar’s body is in the empty hut. An invisible force squeezes or grabs Pitambar’s neck. He makes a loud noise. Just as Sitanath Babu chanted the Great Death Mantra, he fell or fell from his pit. He came running and fell at Sitanath Babu’s feet and shouted, “Sir, save me from this Kamini.”

So much so that Nai rose again from his father’s body and hung there. As someone tells him to tell all the truth to Sitanath Babu. He collapsed again and fell to the ground. Sithanath Babu, the grandfather, ran to him and said, “Sar, this is Kamini.

He is telling me to tell you all the truth.” If you listen to me and chant the 108 Great Death Mantra and set fire to this hut, then Kamini’s soul will be saved.

“What truth are you going to tell me?” “Kamini is the only daughter of our village Bhola Musa,” Pitambar began. It’s nice to see that when I was in tenth grade, he was in ninth grade at school.

I loved her very much. My father died after I passed tenth grade, and I got a job at the post office in his place. When I got some good money, I started drinking with my friend Madana.

Kamini had always refused to let me mix with Madana, but I had never heard of her. One day, two of our friends were sitting in this hut drinking wine.

Kamini saw us in that hut that day and when she saw me with Madana, she was very angry and said that she had nothing to do with me from today. I was intoxicated. “She was released this morning; she’s talked to her father and she’s fine.

We hung him up in a nearby mango tree to kill everyone in the village. The next day everyone knew that Kamini had committed suicide. ” Sitanath Babu’s invisible power came and twisted Pitambar’s head, twisted his head and turned his back on him.

Sitanath Babu saw that he was illuminated again shortly after his death. The hut saw that some wood was on fire inside. According to Pitambar, he chanted the Great Mahamriyunjay mantra 108 times and set it on fire. {Odia horror story pdf} For the first time in his life, Sitanath Babu was seen burning in a rain-soaked hut. At that moment, the sky was clear and the sun was rising.

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