Krusakara Atmakahani Essay In Odia PDF Free Download 2021

Krusakara Atmakahani Essay In Odia

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Mahatma Gandhi used to say – “The heart of India resides in the villages, the progress of India is possible only through the progress of the villages. Farmers are the embodiment of service and hard work in the villages. And the reality is also that agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy.

About 51% of the total labor force of the country earns its livelihood from agriculture and allied industries. During the British period, the Indian farmers were troubled and helpless due to the oppression of the British and the landlords.

Krusakara Atmakahani Essay In Odia
Krusakara Atmakahani Essay In Odia

After independence, their condition improved a lot, but the way the news of farmers’ migration to the cities and their suicides are heard, it is clear that their condition has not improved even today.

The situation has become so dire that farmers do not want their children to become farmers today. These lines written by poet Maithilisharan Gupta are relevant even today- “Eighty out of a hundred people are living here on subsistence agriculture, Millions of half-meals are filled with cold sighs.

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