Lumbini Essay in Nepali | Essay On Lumbini in Nepali Pdf Free Download 2021

Lumbini Essay in Nepali

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Nepal has become world famous as the land of Mount Everest, the land of rivers and the land of Pashupatinath and the land of natural beauty. It is also the land of Gautam Buddha.

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“Lumbini” is the holy land that gives birth to Gautam Buddha Vibhuti, a great human being and peace envoy who is considered devout by millions of Buddhists around the world.

Praising the peace-loving nature of Nepal and Nepalis worldwide, this land has brought relief to all the people of the world who have been suffocated by this noise and nuclear terror. “Lumbini” is also a unique gift for the Nepali land and this land is not only the country where Nepal gives birth to heroic heroes.

This has proved to be a very fertile ground even for world-renowned peace-loving great men. “Lumbini” is the heartbeat of ordinary Nepalis, a piece of heart and in the middle of college, or in other words, it is the religious capital of all Buddhists.

Lumbini Essay in Nepali
Lumbini Essay in Nepali

There is a forest called Lumbini which falls under the present 5th Province of Nepal. Many years ago, Maharani Mayadevi gave birth to a child named Siddhartha Gautam from her womb under a tree in that forest. Siddhartha Gautam was the son of the then Shakya dynasty king Sudhodan and Mayadevi of Kapilvastu.

The capital of Sudhodan was Kapilvastu, while Mayadevi’s mother was from a village called “Devadaha” in the present Rupandehi district. The baby was born Siddhartha Gautam, the mother was Mayadevi and the place of birth was Lumbini. The same prince, Siddhartha Gautama, spent his childhood and youth in the comforts and pleasures of the court.

He left his wife Yashodhara and son Rahul and left home at the age of 29, leaving behind the comforts of the throne. He attained enlightenment after a long period of sadhana and penance, and Siddhartha Gautama became “Gautam Buddha.”

He was called Mahatma Buddha and was also considered the exponent of Buddhism. Freed from the shackles of old age Lumbini is still one of the proudest places in Nepal today as it gave birth to a great personality like Gautam Buddha who attained Mahaparinirvana 500 years ago.

The famous Indian emperor Ashoka, a follower of Buddhism, died in BC. He came to Lumbini in 250 AD and built a huge pillar called Jalai Ashoka Pillar. The column made by Ashoka, who came to see the birthplace of the great man Mahatma Buddha, the presiding deity of his religion, has written: In time, the inscription was destroyed by an earthquake and buried under the ground.

This column, which has been disappearing with the passage of time, has been replaced by V.S. In 1952, Dr. Excavated by Fहरhrer’s efforts. Today, not only the pillar but also the Lumbini region is raising financial support for the development of the region and transforming Lumbini’s Saldhari into a paradise garden.

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