Madhusudan Das 10 Lines in Odia Pdf Download

Madhusudan Das 10 Lines in Odia

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Madhusudan Das 10 Lines in Odia

1. Madhuban was the first Bilat passenger and barrister in Odisha.

2. His full name is Barrister Madhusudan Das. He was born on April 14, 1948.

3. People call him Utkal Gaurab Madhubabu because he played a key role in giving Odisha a linguistically distinct state.

4. He was born in Satyabhamapur, Cuttack district.

5. His father’s name was Chowdhury Raghunath Das and his mother’s name was Parvati Devi.

6. After his primary education, he received his primary education at Ravensa Collegiate School.

7. He later succeeded in Entrance and in 1864 studied at the University of Calcutta. He passed with honors and became the first Oriya graduate in Odisha.

8. He then traveled to Bilat to study barristers. From there he returned and dedicated his life to the liberation of the country.

9. He has made an unparalleled contribution to the political, social and economic life of Odisha through his strong character, deep learning and cleverness. He said that Madhubabu would sell Utkal tanners but could not sell the uniqueness of Oriya.

10. On February 7, 1936, Ehlila was commemorated by such a great personality.

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