Latest Madhusudan Rao Biography in Odia Pdf Free Download 2021

Madhusudan Rao Biography in Odia

Madhusudan rao biography in odia language, madhusudan rao biography in odia language pdf download.

Madhusudan Rao was born on January 26, 1953 in the city of Puri on the fifth day of May. His father’s name was Bhagirathi Rao and his mother’s name was Ambika Bai. JJ’s name is Sadashiv Rao. When he was two and a half years old, his younger brother Jagannath Rao was born.

Although he was a Marhatta, he cherished the Oriya language as his mother tongue. Prior to the British rule, the Marathas ruled Odisha. After the fall of the Marhatta regime, some left Odisha. However, Madhusudan’s family remained in Puri.

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Madhusudan left his mother when he was five years old. Madhusudan lived with his two brothers and his father Bhagirathi Rao.

His father, Bhagirathi Rao, was employed by the police at Atharnala Ghat in Puri. However, in 1956, the government stopped collecting taxes from the port. As a result, his father lost his job. The situation worsened.

Madhusudan Rao Biography in Odia, Madhusudan Rao Biography in Odia Pdf Download
Madhusudan Rao Biography in Odia

His father Bhagirathi Rao took Madhusudan and his brother Jagannath and left them at their uncle’s house. A few days later he got a job at the Gop police station.

Uncle Madhusudan is not in good condition. So his father hid him and his younger brother. At that time there was no primary school in Gop. So Madhusudan studied in the only chat room in Gop. A few days later, his father moved from Bhubaneswar to Gopthana. At that time, schools in Bhubaneswar used to teach Bengali instead of Oriya. Madhusudan Rao was forced to study at the school.

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